Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Being Zoe's Mum and 2014

I missed you in 2014... As I missed being the hands on mum I've been since Z was born. I feel weird when I actually think about this lying down besides Z after making her sleep. Work did become a priority in 2014, though I'd like to add... not for a moment ... not once did I ignore my personal life (Z, Fizz and my home).I still feel I could've done better on the personal front... Like I did professionally. That's one thing I'd like to balance better in the coming year.

Though I might say I wasn't too good as a mum in the year gone by... Z has become extremely close to me though. She doesn't want to let go off me at times. I make sure I spend as much time as I can with her. In the coming year I plan to do a lot of fun stuff with Z. Maybe Z's first international trip... Who knows! Fingers and toes crossed.

I ignored the blog completely. Did nothing besides some book reviews and a few random posts. I'll try to make it alive again. I plan to do 2 posts a month... I will try.

Here's wishing all the readers and everyone out there a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 2015

Friday, December 5, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday Z

Birthdays are special, and this year we had decided we will do what Z wants for her birthday. We celebrated Z's birthday a couple of days after her real one (on the 29th of November). We would have loved to do the celebrations at home, but logistically it wasn't possible. We chose Gubacheez, because that is a place Z loves.

Z wanted to call everyone from her class and from the library. We told her she can call 15 kids + parents, finally she came down to 16 kids (the child wants to have her way ALWAYS).

We wanted a pretty no-fuss party, where children would come and enjoy. Kids played, got tattoos done and had lots of fun.

The star of the evening (besides Z) was the cake, I had picked the design after weeks of research. The cake was in shape of an open book with her favorite Julia Donaldson characters popping out. The cake looked AWESOME, and tasted the best I have had in ages. Thanks to Cake Room.

I leave you with a few pictures from the D-Day

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy 4th Sunshine!

Dear Z,

Happy 4th  Birthday!
4 years Zoe, 4 years (we've sailed through) and here's wishing we spend lots and lots and lots of years of happiness and health together (FYI: the 'we' includes Fizz as well)

So, you can stop giving me the 'When I'll be 4 years old' gyaan... Before you start 'When I'll be 5' raaga, give your Mumsy a break of at least 12 months.

OK!!!! That was easy, I have been blankly staring at my laptop for sometime now. I cannot tell you, how proud mumsy is of you Z. The screen got blurred and I thought it needs cleaning. Later I realised a tear or two trickled down my eyes as I try to gather my thoughts about the 4 years that have gone by. #LookWhatYouHaveDone

I still cannot believe, I'm a mom to a 4 year old... did I cry because I just realised you have turned 4. :-D

Talking about the year that went by... You have grown as a new person... Independent yet clingy (at times), brave yet apprehensive to try out new things, expressive (which you've always been - touchwood). I'm sorry that I called Z:1 and Z:2 a Drama Queen. Nothing can beat you now. Having said that, I'd like to add you're not pretentious, you're a born Drama Queen... you are effortless. :-P

I have to say this, "Oh! My God! I see so much of me in you sweetheart". Not just physically (that anybody can see), our personalities are so much like each other. You are truly Mini-Me. Then, you are like Fizz in a lot of ways as well.

The past 4 years haven't been so tough, or I'm just too emotional and happy to say they were. Actually the lows were few with lots of highs. I have enjoyed the 4 year long roller coaster ride.

Thank You for blessing me and choosing me as your mum ZeeZoo. My life has changed for better after I became a mom.

Happy Birthday Sunshine! Thanks for making my days and nights bright!

Love Mumsu

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Birthday Countdown Day 25: Planning a Party

Whew! That is the one word that describes my state right now. I can’t tell you how much hard word has gone into planning this party. Keeping Faizan and my busy schedule in mind, shopping had to be really rushed. 

I would have LOVED to have a party at home, but there might be a space/parking problem. Anyway, we have booked Gubacheez, and we love the space. We will do a post with pictures of the party post 29th.

Message for the day: This is your first birthday party, hope it turns out to be an awesome one. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Birthday Countdown Day 24: My bike rules

Z got her new bike for her 3rd birthday, and does she love her bike or what. When we got the bike she didn’t understand the concept of paddling. Now she is a pro at riding her bike (obviously with trainer wheels), she reverses like a champ and also takes the bike easily in narrow bumpy lanes.

Message of the day: I love the fact that you are so determined and hell-bent to do things which you might not succeed at in the first go. Love you for that Z. Mwwwwaaaaaah!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Birthday Day: Day 23 Zefy Bhai my bud

As mentioned earlier Z has lots of buddies, she loves them all. Ask me, I came to realize she has just way too many friends while I was preparing the invitees list for her birthday.

Her best friend has to be Zeffy Bhai (her cousin), for sure. They can stay together for hours, without an argument. They live miles apart but the bond they share is something else (Masha’ Allah).

Message of the day: Always cherish this relationship. Always. You might argue, have difference of opinion, etc. but make sure you stay as connected as you are. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Birthday Countdown Day 22: Of Z3s

Whoever coined the phrase 'terrible twos' hasn't lived with a three year old. Ask me, I have lived with Z-2 and Z-3 for a year each. I can easily say, threes mean being more stubborn, more emotional and more specific about things they want. Z-3 is definitely more emotional than Z-2, it doesn't take much for her to cry.

Z-3 is also more expressive, more loving, independent and oh-so-adorable.

Message of the Day: There is no harm in crying, but do not take advantage of your tears. If you know when to shed tears, learn the art of hiding them as well (again a reference point for future).

Friday, November 21, 2014

Birthday Countdown Day 21. Idiot box is still.... Idiot

What started as something to keep you away from television has become serious stuff for you now. Television has always been an ‘Idiot Box’ for you. You actually call it 'The Idiot Box'. 

You don’t like watching TV, and you don’t let us watch it as well. If you do allow us, it will be for 5-10 minutes at a stretch. 

You like watching your videos like Barney, Peppa Pig, Jungle Junction, etc. This is also limited to 10 minutes. 

Message for the day: I hope your screen time/TV viewing stays like what it is right now, forever.