Sunday, April 15, 2012

Does being a parent means stop being a lover!

I remember asking in our Facebook Mommie's group, how they take out time for themselves and their partners when they have a small baby to take care of. Well, that was then... just a few months after Z was born and I was totally clueless. 

Now that Z is 16.5 months I have learned many things. Fizz and me share a very special bond (touch wood) and when Z came in our lives our relationship became stronger. I have seen many people (new parents) get so engrossed in dealing with their new role they forget their partner exist.

I understand that handling a baby is an extremely challenging task... but that doesn't mean you can't  take out sometime (just a couple of minutes) from your daily schedule to communicate with each other... pamper one another... surprise them... go on a date... plan a nice family vacation. Its extremely important to  be there for each other and take out time for yourselves. The point is your partner is your 'partner for life'. Sure your baby needs you right now... He/She will need you for many years, but eventually someday they'd want to go their own way. And you wouldn't want to be selfish enough to stop them.

In this tryst of becoming the perfect parent don't lose out on another very important person in your life... And believe me you would have a happier baby growing in front of your eyes when the baby will see a happier set of parents.

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