Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy 22 Big Girl

If you expect me to write new words that have been added to Z-Dictionary you must sure be kidding. Now she's started saying couple of words together like that day when Fizz rang the doorbell in the evening... The moment I opened the door Z said "I See You... Wow". She also knows the names of all the 4 Teletubbies. All I can say she is able to strike a conversation very easily now.

Potty Training has become a dreaded word... Swear! She can say 1000 words but not a single word for Pee-Pee or Poo-Poo. All I can do is WAIT.  I guess this is the only thing Z has really bothered us about.

The rounds of school have been happening for couple of weeks now, I'm keen on a Montessori set-up and they take children at 2.5 years... Now the big grind begins. We've already filled the form at Siksha Montessori, they'll call us for an interview once Z completes 2 years. Indriya is another school where we'll be filling the form - there admission process starts in October for the next year.

Z's tantrums are increasing and I'm already terrified of Terrible Twos. Z's obsession with Fizz (and vice versa).

She's obsessed with feeding people around. Last Sunday we dined at 3 Quarter Chinese, and after she was bored of feeding Mommie (years now that's what she calls me) n Pa... She went to this total stranger on a table besides us and started feeding (hides face). Z made a friend in the restaurant and they kept each other entertained. When the little boy wanted to kiss Z, she shoved him aside... I was taken aback and Fizz totally Proud of her dotty's achievement.

And in the end... I leave you with a glimpse of the Little Girl who ain't so 'little' anymore.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Guilt...Guilt Go Away

So I've started working again and I'm busier than I've ever been and am really happy. The only thing that was bothering me was Z in my absence. My work allows me to work from home, decide on my schedule and when I do have my sessions, I conduct them at places which are pretty child friendly. So there isn't much of a problem. I make sure I work when Z is either sleeping or happy playing independently. 

Having said all that, I do feel guilty at times... when I take Z for meetings and sessions on weekdays. Weekends are no problem at all since I leave Fizz and Z alone. Z loves traveling around the city and she does not bother me at all when I'm busy with my sessions... She happily plays when I busy myself. I intend to keep a maid, but I would not be leaving Z at home, I will anyways take her along. Once she starts school next year Insh'Allah I would fix my sessions to suit her schedule. 

Z on the other hand is enjoying the phase, she loves going out for meetings (which aren't very frequent) and she loves playing in Kid's activity centres. I know this is not needed, I just hope it's a phase.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Z at Gambolla

I know I have been missing from my blog for quite sometime, have been real busy. Last Friday, I had my 1st demo class and it went pretty well. Here, I obviously don't want to discuss about MLCB or our Demo class, I want to talk about the fun Z had at Gambolla kid's centre, St. Mark's Road. We were there for a little over 2 hours and I was obviously busy with the sessions and chatting with people I met there.

I loved the way Gambolla has done up their new place, Z made herself busy the moment we entered the place. She didn't even bother to check where I was, and I loved that. The attendants at Gambolla made Z so comfortable, that she was not even interested to come to her Pa, when Fizz entered.

Z was young to attend the session, but she didn't complain. She loved the library and made sure she goes through all the books possible. Next was the toddler zone, where she loved playing with the balls, blocks and 'wheeing' around (sliding). The sand-pit and open play area was her favorite place. She spent good 40-45 minutes there... on the slide, swing, the tree house and the sand pit. I just wish she could've explored the painting wall as well (a new addition at Gambolla) which I'm sure she soon will.

Can't wait for her to visit Hide&Peek and explore the area. I have fallen in love with both H&P and Gambolla.

Z busies herself with a book, while the rest of the kids listening to a story!

Z with some new friends she made.