Monday, January 28, 2013

Project 52 Week 5: Photo Post after a Long Long Time

I thought I had lost my camera, I did everything possible to locate it... but all in vain. Yesterday, when I had lost all hope the Toddler brought the camera to me, she had hidden it in her toy cupboard. Yes, that happens when you have a 2 feet tall someone running around in your house, she owns everything. To celebrate the moment I clicked the Toddler's pictures after a long long time.

So before I left her at the Daycare, this is what we were doing. Looking at these pictures, I feel she has grown up all of a sudden. Now she knows where the camera is, what to do when momma clicks and how to pose ... She comes running to me after I click every picture, shouting "Show-Show-Show" 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Book Review - The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson

Uffff... How can I do this? All this while I was thinking I have already reviewed The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson (the Toddler's current obsession). It was just today when I saw the book list, I realized I haven't. Sorry baby, your book-list is incomplete without mentioning the 'Guhfalo' (as you like to call it).

Why I picked it and what was my Reaction:

I have a separate set of books for the Toddler, and I never mix her books with the books I pick for My Little Chatterbox (for those who still do not know, this is the name of my Early Communication & Language Development venture). I picked this one up for the later, couple of months back when the Toddler wasn't even 2 years old. I thought the book might not appeal her back then as it had more text (if you compare it with the Eric Carle's and other board books she was hooked on to back then). She heard me read this story from another room when I was taking the class and she barged in the class (which was for slightly older children) and sat there giggling and hearing to what I was reading. So I had to 'prepone' my plan of picking up the book for her. 

The Toddler's take:

'She loves the book' and I feel this is an understatement. She wants me to read it at least 5-6 times a day, carries The Monster (Ooops sorry to offend your best friend sweetheart) to her daycare without fail. Need I say more?

How We Read it:

I'm a pro at reading The Gruffalo now, trust me. I make sure there is no dearth of expressions, voice modulation, background music and different voices for all the creatures. And yes, we have to begin the reading with The Gruffalo song.

My 2 year old loves it as much as the a 5-6 year old, its always a hit when I read it out in class as well. ;-).

Age Group: I have seen children between 1.5-6 years enjoy it as much.

Do check The Gruffalo Movie made by BBC on YouTube (I saw it last week and the Toddler loves it, now I don't seem to find it on YouTube. Do share the link if you get it for me please).

Trust my words, you won't regret buying this one.

And Yes, I need to do a little bit of marketing. Have you checked Momsters? Momsters is a Blog where 2 sisters (turned Moms) talk about motherhood and all the Jazz?  Based in Bangalore and Delhi, India. Please check the blog and follow it if you like what you see. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Project 52 Week 4: Me... Myself,,, and I!

When I heard the topic of the Marathon Bloggers this week was about 'Me Time'... I was smiling from ear to ear. I'm a strong believer in taking time out for myself. People keep on telling me, "You have a toddler, you handle her single handedly, you work from home and still take out time for yourself... you must be kidding." Not really, I mean I do this and much more and I humbly accept it :-P, but I never compromise in taking out time for myself.

Next question which comes with a bang is "How do you do that?" and I say "its an art and you cannot learn it". Frankly, you just need to prioritize, plan, delegate for anything to work and that is what I do to take some time out. I don't manage to do it my way, but I do manage. 

I do try to make sure, Me Time means not only time with myself, doing something I like doing... it also means I have to be transported in a world which is free from worries and rush of any kind.

My 'Me Time' is very simple and totally fuss free, reading a nice book, watching a nice movie alone, working out, taking a nap at an odd hour, working on my blogs, going for a long walk when the weather is awesome (I get a lot of opportunities, thank God for Bangalore Weather). Traveling alone used to be so good before The Toddler was born... Even having a nice strong coffee sitting in my balcony or gardening helps me connect with myself. I believe in simple things and maybe that is the reason why I manage to take out time for myself.

If it would not have been for Fizzy, it would have been tough for me to take out time for myself.

Does everyone do similar things? What is the importance of your 'me time' to you?

Monday, January 21, 2013

Some Parents Need To Grow Up!

I was out for my Sunday Shopping after a long long time. The Toddler and me settled ourselves down in CCD (Shopper's Stop) and were enjoying our drinks. The Toddler starting interacting with another girl her age who was sitting with her family next to our table. These two started playing quietly. Not so quietly, you could hear them chat and giggle, but they were behaving very well. All of a sudden our heads turned in one direction when we heard a kid shout 'Nahinnnnn' on top of his voice.

This was the scene minus the folded hands.
Its then we realized there was a couple with their 4 year old kid sitting on a table opposite to ours. The mom was trying to convince the kid that he should finish his food.

Mom: "Isse khel dekh doggie, yeh car dekh, tujhe kuch aur chahiye?" (Son, play with the dog, look at the car, you need something else?)

Son: Haan, Dog House... (Why will a 4+ year old play with a dog house deserves another post :-P)

Mom gets up and brings the dog house, but sonny boy didn't budge. All I could hear was 'Nahin, Nahin, Nahin'.

What I saw next made me furious. The mother tried to feed her son and the boy snatched the spoon along with the food and threw it on the floor. All the mommy said was "Nahin beta, aisa karne se bhagwan ji naraaz ho jayegen." (No son, God will get angry if you behave like this)... WHAT???

I know a 4 year old very closely (my nephew and his friends). They're mischievous but no misbehaved. So please do not tell me all 4 year olds behave like this.

I looked at the 2 girls playing and chatting without much chaos... And I thanked my stars and smiled at the mom of the other 2 year old who had the same expressions as me when the entire episode was going on.

Some take-aways from the day:

  • I'm not a perfect parent by I know one thing for sure - Parenting is about maintaining the the perfect balance. If you are over strict and do not give in to any demand of the child it’s not going to benefit the child… if you are raising them as ‘precious’ gems, like  seen in the post above, you won’t be fair to your children either. Read a similar post of Parentous Parenting Case Study 
  • Parents/guardians are to be blamed to a large extent in most of the cases. These kids become manner-less, stubborn, rude and bossy.
  • CCD attracts a lot of parents and children... So its not just the college going crowd which is a regular at CCD :-P

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Facebook Update!

  • Thanks Noo-Kha love them  
Pic Quality is not so good... shoes are AWESOME

  • Conversation with Zoe:
    Me: Baby... what is your name?
    Zoe: *** Thinks for couple of seconds... Light
    Me: No... What is UR name?
    Zoe: Fizzy
    Me: No Fizzy is Dadda's name what is ur name?
    Zoe: With a big Smile "Baa Baa Black Sheep"
    We go on.. and the answers I get are... Mommie, TubbyTubby, Night Garden, Daisy Doo, Igle Pigle, Dirty Knees, Hand Wash, Namman Ojjha... the list goes on.

    Basically she says everything but her name with a mischievous smile... till the time I hide my face and I hear... Z-O-E - Zoe...
    ♥ U baby
  • Thinking of how to utilize my Free Days with Zoe... Should I enroll her for a music class or an art class... Suggestions...
  • The Toddler waiting for her food... Garuda Mall Food Court 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Welcome to some Z-ness

From the moment The Toddler turned 2, I stopped her monthly updates. I have been focusing more on posts about parenting, my feelings as a mom, reviews etc. but I have not spoken about the many new things she does on a daily basis that suprise us. I will try to keep 'Z-ness' posts a regular feature of the blog.

Scene 1:
The Toddler brings her favorite book while I was lying down on the bed (terrible back ache).

The Toddler: Momma... Read... Please

So I read the book. She wants me to read the book again, and I do it... she is not satisfied, she wants another read. I shut my eyes and act as if I'm asleep. She tries to wake me up, "Momma... Come", but I don't respond (devil me).

She pouts and makes a face which is very hard to ignore... still I don't budge. The Toddler takes of my specs "Chamma" (as she calls it)... says "Goo Night", kisses my cheek and sits besides me. Patting me, the way I do when I make her go to sleep.

Scene 2:

I was having my coffee and The Toddler was constantly irritating me, she wanted me to do something or the other. So I gave her "gapes" (Grapes) in a bowl and "Paani" in her glass.

As I settle myself on the bean bag, I hear her go "O-OOOOOOOO" and I see she has spilled water on the table. Without thinking twice, she goes in the kitchen, gets the duster and starts cleaning up.

I just keep looking at her with all the love in my eyes.


A note to the toddler: Please do not grow so fast, relax... there is no hurry... really.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Toddling Tuesdays

I know I have missed a couple of TTs... but the good news is I'm back, and here I bring to you two pictures I took on my mobile... The quality sucks but I love these pictures.

And Our Delhi Trip ends... Her Z-ness waiting to board the flight at T3 in the Delhi Airport :-
The Toddler waiting for her food... Garuda Mall Food Court.
She rested for 5 minutes after running around in the entire mall..

Project 52- Week 3- See you real soon...

I have always been a pretty 'stone hearted' mom. Though the Toddler gets loads of hugs, kisses, fun times, story times with me... I'm extremely certain I would not spoil her for sure. That definitely doesn't mean scolding her unnecessarily or spanking her. (I do not believe in spanking anyways).

Coming to the point, I mostly work from home but step out almost every day for meetings/trainings (this takes around 3-4 hours)... so I decided to put the Toddler in a daycare for half a day. I did get a lot of raised eyebrows and many people voiced their concerns. Thankfully both Fizz and me were alright about this arrangement. Another reason why this was a good option was that the Toddler gets to mingle with other people, especially kids. This would help her become more confident when she start school in June Insh'Allah. It would also help us adjust (which is all the more important) ...

So this is a Note to Toddler before she goes to the Daycare tomorrow:

Dearest the Toddler,

Mommie and Fizzy (that's what she calls her dad) love you a lot. You have been such a fuss-free chilled out girl, who is also extremely sharp and knows what she wants in life (read books and cookies).

Mom & Fizzy will be around, and if you miss us really bad... just hang in there, we will be with you in no time. Enjoy your day, have lots of fun, make many friends, and please do not throw a tantrum while getting potty trained.

We are there for you always sweetheart.

See You Real Soon.

Lots of Love always

Mommie n Fizzy

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Facebook Update!

I'm back with the Sunday Facebook Update... Have been away (on vacation) but now I'm back and so are the updates.

  • People say a Leo never Grows up... Maybe that's why they make such Amazing parents...
    Zoe, you're so lucky Sweetheart ...  Momma loves U ♥
  • Back in Bangalore... We had a fab time in Delhi (despite the chill). Love you guys, Zoe has been saying Saamo, NooKha, NooNoo, Aamoo, Annie, Bhaijaan... Since morning. Now both of us are back to the love of our life.  
  • Akhtar you have told me the real meaning of 'Silence is Golden...' but you take it too seriously. This house will be a 'Noise Free Zone' for a good 2 weeks. Miss both your chatterboxes... We are already missing you Fizzy... :-*  

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Project 52- Week 2 - We trust you Sweetheart

I remember when I was in college, there was some rumor a 'relative' of ours was spreading about me, which was extremely pathetic and a complete lie. I came to know about it later, but that person made sure my parents know every bit of it, with extra spices and a strong tadka. I might smile as I recall now, but back then I was very emotional and was totally hurt. I went to my parents and asked them "Didn't all this bother you guys a bit?"... All they said was "We trust you Sweetheart..." These 4 words changed my entire life and my thought process. Thank God for that incident.
One thing which is extremely important for a rock-solid relationship is a 5 letter word TRUST. I know the importance of it, since I grew up to parents who luckily trusted me... I have seen and heard of parents who start having doubts about their own children. My parents chose to believe in us than any gossip monger or a lay man. That gave us (3 siblings) the courage to be upfront and truthful to our parents. When I got into my first relationship, my dad was the 1st person to know/meet him. When Faizan proposed to me the first person I told was mom.
I'm blessed to have equally trusting siblings and a husband who has blind faith in me and vice-verse.
I feel as a parent its not only our duty to tell your child the difference between right and wrong... Equally important is trusting your child. I would want to be a mom who has complete faith in The Toddler, and I want Zoe to become a girl who discusses things (especially which might involve her parents) with us. 
This is not as easy as it may sound. You can't just say "I trust you", you have to stand by your child when s/he needs you. I just hope and wish, we as parents are able to successfully bring the Toddler up as we have planned to raise her. **Fingers Crossed. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dr. Seuss ABC

Name - Dr. Seuss ABC

The Toddler has recently developed a liking for Dr. Seuss and the ABC book is her favorite.

Why I picked it and what was my Reaction: This book was recommended by Padmini and I also read in Sirisha's blog about the book. Since the Toddler starts school in June Insh'Allah, this book is a great way to introduce phonics to her. I loved this book because it stresses on sound (phonics) as well as Alphabets (expect in the case of C..C...C.. CEILING. (That is all right)

The Toddler's take: The Toddler took a little time to develop a liking- this happens with all Dr. Seuss books. She loves browsing through the book and doesn't get bored easily, which is a huge plus. The Toddler and me love "Auntie Annie's Alligator A..A..A" and F..F...F "Four Fluffy Feathers ... Fiffer Feffer Feff.

How We Read it: We take out the sound of the phonic followed by the words, I stress on the words beginning with that phonic. The Toddler repeats after me. There is an i-Phone App which can be found here

Age Group: 2 - 5 years

Make your own decisions

Image Courtesy:
That's one thing I will make sure I tell the Toddler. We've given her birth and we've brought her in this world, that doesn't mean we have the right to make decisions for our kids.

The other day I was watching Student of the year with some older member of the family (I didn't like the movie much). One thing I did agree with was when Rohan (Varun Dhawan) leaves his dad's house because his father couldn't accept the fact that Rohan can make his own decision and pursue a career in music. His dad wanted Rohan to handle the family business and become his dad's Xerox copy. My family member said "the father is right, how can Rohan leave his dad and how can he not take care of his dad's business. After all his dad has every right to tell Rohan what to do and what not to. Baap hai woh. His dad is the one responsible for bringing him in this world." I got so furious, thankfully I didn't argue, which I could've done very easily. We shouldn't make our children feel as if we've done them a favor by giving birth to them. We brought them in this world, because we wanted to be happy.

I would make sure I tell The Toddler what's good and what's bad (I will also tell her why it is so). The final decision will be hers, if she would want any suggestions, we'd always be there to guide her.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Project 52- Week 1- 13 things I want to do differently (as a mom) in 2013

If you know me as a person, you'd know I don't believe in stereotypes. My way of parenting is not what every parent vouch by, but its a method The Toddler and me have developed over a period of 2 years. I believe parenting (like every other thing) is an ever learning process, and what works for me, might or might not work for you. Here I've listed down 13 small changes which might affect my parenting in a huge manner positively (Insh'Allah).
  1. Work on my patience and try to keep my cool: Before the Toddler was born, I was an extremely chilled out person, but motherhood changed it. I'm Human, I get irritated and yell at The Toddler, I hate it but I end up doing it. I definitely do it in a controlled manner, I know my limits as a parent. Still I feel pathetic and I want to change this bit.
  2. Make an effort to look better. I feel better when I look better and it will affect my mood and my behavior. I work from home most of the time and when I go out for meetings/training I don't put much effort there as well. Soon The Toddler might just start telling me, she's embarrassed by the way I dress up, and I wouldn't be able to blame her.
  3. Become/Stay Healthier: this means working out, losing weight, getting Physio for my knee and back, as well as getting regular check-ups. I don't have a problem, where diet is concerned.
  4. Have a meal as a family, without watching Television. 
  5. Keep our car and my wardrobe clatter free. If the car is dirty, it might be unhealthy for The Toddler. If my wardrobe is clean, I would obviously be in a better mood. I would need less time to fetch my cloths and can get more time to get ready. 
  6. Sleep on time and get up before The Toddler gets up. Generally the Toddler wakes us up and we are in a terrible mood, especially on weekends. So I want to go early to bed and get up early... this would ensure I'm healthier as well. 
  7. Read more books, and get more for the Toddler. 
  8. Take The Toddler to zoos, botanical gardens, parks, and help her explore open spaces. 
  9. Organize play-dates for The Toddler with my mommy friends. This has been pending for a long long time and its high time I get into organizing the same. This will also help get used to her to her daycare and schools.
  10. Stop analyzing parenting skills of other parents, I do try to avoid doing that and I hate when I end up doing it. It's not good for mommie-hood as well.
  11. Try to improve my work-life balance. This would ensure when I work I give my 100% there and when I'm with The Toddler I am totally with her. 
  12. Try to spend some quality time with The Toddler... reading books, crafts, puzzles etc.  
  13. Meal plan for The Toddler, I do that on and off. I want to become regular with her meal planning.
So... that is my list. What is yours?