Monday, April 29, 2013

Shopping List

The toddler has found a new friend ... Barney. She is obsessed with this big green dinosaur and his friends Baby Bop and BJ. 

She doesn't sit on her potty seat without Barney. Unfortunately in India you only get Barney DVDs or books. One doesn't get a nice Barney stuff toy... which the toddler wants right now. So when my brother-in-law told me about his travel plans to US, I give him a list of things I want him to buy for us... the list had just 2 things on it a Barney Stuff Toy & a Gruffalo DVD. He said "Bas itna hi" (that's it?), I thought for a second and said "OK get a Gruffalo stuff toy as well."

If this would have been 2.5 years ago, I would have given a list of cosmetics, dresses, etc. but now my 'list' contained of things I need only for Zoe. Life has changed and I like the fact that now our life is more Zoe Centric.

Its not just this incident, whenever we go out shopping we decide we will not buy anything for Zoe... we carry a long list of things that we need to buy for ourselves. We end up buying something for Zoe, we might forget about the list all together. 

So this is the story of our life and our shopping list, as on date. Hmmmmmmmmm hopefully things would change and we would not forget getting things for our self. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Love You Forever by Robert N. Munsch

Love You Forever by Robert N. Munsch is a book about a young woman holding her new-born son. She looks at him lovingly. Softly sings to him: "I'll love you forever I'll like you for always As long as I'm living my baby you'll be." How the boy grows and situation changes, but the relationship between them and this song remains constant.

Why I picked it and what was my Reaction:

Well, I picked it up more for myself, I was at Crossword and browsed through this, I loved the book. I didn’t know if Zoe would like it, as it had more words than other books I have picked up for the toddler and I didn’t know if she will like it. Still I fell in love with the book and I wanted to pick the book for her. My instincts were right, she loves the book… and it makes me happy.

The Toddler's take:

She loves the book. She picks up the book and it always brings a smile on her face.

How We Read it:

She listens to the book with a big smile on her face. We sing the song together and I love listening to her sing. 

Warning: This book will haunt you, don't say I didn't warn you :-)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mommy-ing a Daddy's Girl

This post was written for Parentous you can read it here Mommy-ing a Daddy's Girl

I was always close to my dad and now that he's not there with us I feel the void. When I was pregnant I always wanted a baby girl... And I always knew that she would turn out to be closer to the husband. Then my wish was granted, I was blessed with Zoe. Now that she 2 years + I don't have to think twice when I say, she has turned out to be a COMPLETE DADDY's GIRL.

When the husband is home, she doesn't even acknowledge my presence. Feeding, bathing, changing clothes, story time everything has to have one common ingredient Daddy.

I will have to give credit to the husband; he's a complete hands-on dad. He knows more about Zoe's medicines, vaccination, diet, shopping, playdates than I do. (That doesn't mean I'm clueless about them... Huhh). Seeing the both of them together having such a blast, I get all moist eyed and emotional. I also feel a tad bit jealous... Why does Zoe become such a Dad's Darling when he's around. When its just me and Zoe things are pretty nice, but we unfortunately do not share the same connect as the husband and Zoe does.

Zoe is always happy when she's around us (touch-wood) but if you compare her reaction when she sees daddy after a long to when mommy gets back home... The later is nothing in comparison, stands nowhere. When I come into a room, I get a smile and Zoe's eyes start twinkling. When the husband does, she starts jumping and shrieking with joy, insists on him picking her up right away and blows loads of kisses on daddy dearest's face followed by 'I Love You Fizzy'. Now you know what I was talking about.
So how does a mom of a daddy's girl feel? I feel happy to see the both of them together. I feel nervous that this mutual love for each other will grow further and Zoe will eventually treat mom as a babysitter while daddy is away. I feel jealous at times, seeing them connect so well, they at times end up completely ignoring my presence. More than anything else I feel blessed when I see them together, I see myself and my dad in Zoe and the husband.

Whenever I feel a little insecure I think about the positive aspect of this relationship. The husband has turned out to be a great dad, and he helps me a lot as far as taking care of Zoe is concerned. When the husband is with Zoe, I get my much needed me-time. I can do anything attend to chores, read, exercise, work, or listen to some music... Whatever I want.
There are times (though they are very few moments) when she prefers mommy over daddy. When she gets hurt, when she wants someone to make a fool out of them self and read a story, when she is very sleepy at night... So I love these moments and when they do come, I feel she also needs her Ammi as much. So with Zoe and with most children it’s about moments/phases, some belong to dads and some to moms. So what if my moments are few and far between.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Terrible Twos??? Not Really

When you turned 2, four months back, I was very happy, I saw you turning into this little person who had an identity of her own. I was equally scared, people had literally warned me about how terrible kids become at 2. 

Your tantrums are on an all time high, but what has changed (for better) now is that you are able to say exactly what you want. Your tantrums were worse when you were around 18 months, because back then you weren't able to say what exactly you wanted. So what I said in this post titled "Queen of Tantrums" was actually correct. She has major melt downs now, Fizz and me at times literally don't understand how to handle them. Still soon after throwing a tantrum she does something that melts our heart.

I live alone throughout the day, just the toddler and me. She does help me a lot... She helps us in drying washed clothes, she has her meals (whenever she does) on her own... she does end up becoming messy, but I like the independent streak in my daughter. Once she is through with her meal, she goes and keeps her glass and plate near the sink. She spilled water today, and without telling me went and tried to clean it with the mop. She wasn't able to clean it properly is something I wasn't bothered about, I was there to do that. At dinner, she puts the mats on the table and also brings her glass and plate to give us company.

Fizz and me have been very particular, about involving the toddler in small chores. Seeing her do all this and more makes Mommy and Fizzy very happy and proud. 

For us, Mash'Allah it's turning out to be Terrific Twos and not Terrible Twos. Thanks to my baby for being such a doll - well for most of the time.