Sunday, December 4, 2011

Z turned 1 Goa Style....

My dearest Cupcake,

Your 1st Birthday, like any for parent was a huge thing for us. We were confused whether to do a nice party with all family and friends or take you on a fun vacation (We chose the later). The reason why we did is simple. 1st birthdays generally become celebrations for the parents and family but in these parties the baby gets really cranky seeing so many people around. Besides you have been staying with only your mum & dad and get a little uncomfortable when someone else tries to hold and cuddle you. 

Happy Birthday with Abbi...

We wanted you to have all the fun, more than Mumsu and Abbi. We decided we would be going to Goa to celebrate your birthday for a couple of days. We were a little skeptical about our decision till the last minute, but once we were in Goa all our doubts vanished. 

Flaunting her dress

Zoe the Water Baby

My bikini babe in the beach

You love water and Goa was the perfect destination for my little mermaid. Be in the beaches or the pool you loved it all. Loved doing Splashy-Splash, and didnt care if it was hot, windy, or sunny.

Splash in the pool
That tastes Yuck

Enjoying Sunset at beach
Mumsu Playing Devil on the beach
Exploring Goa on Bikes

Goa meant taking an Activa and exploring the place. You loved your bike rides and felt amazing when wind blew your hair. If you were sleepy. you slept on the bike itself and Mumsu had to be extra careful, holding you tightly. We went to Aguda and Chapora fort, churches, markets and you made sure you didn't miss out on having lots of fun.
With Mumsu at Aguda Fort.
No fuss About food

You made sure you did let mum and dad enjoy, you loved eating what Mumsu and Dad ate. We carried all baby food but that didn't impress you much. You only made sure you got your food and milk on time. 

Enjoying her birthday Dinner

People loved you

Whoever saw you fell in love with you... and you smiled back. This trip has made you turn into a social butterfly, interacting with people all around and entertaining them.

"I love my family"-Zoe

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Princess turns One.... (Already???)

Dearest ZoeMoe,

I will start this note to you by stating the obvious..... Time sure has flown by.
I just cannot believe you are a whole year old now... it seems just yesterday baba that you were born... you were so tiny (2.47kgs to be precise) .... the 'tiny baby' Bodysuit was huge for you....

See I told you.... You were really Small....
Now when I look at you Mash'Allah wearing clothes meant for 12 month old I feel time sure has flown. Both Abbi and Mumsu fell in love with the cutest thing we've laid our eyes on the moment you were in front of us.
Sleeping was you favorite Past time
First few days were difficult (to say the least).... Our fun-filled lives were full of sleepless nights, coping with Delhi winters, doctor visits,  vaccinations, and ofcourse The Colic Monster (which thankfully lasted only 2 months)...... In the initial 1 month you had a little problem breathing, but thankfully that became better soon. Slowly Faizan & I became used to you being around and we knew exactly what you wanted.

Your Initial Smiles.... (You were looking @ Abbi of course)
Things started changing... You started meeting your milestones... your first smile, laughter, words, crawl, sitting unassisted, waving bye (or as you say it 'Baa-bye'), 1st tooth (now you have a mouthful of 4.5 teeth) , your crawl and your cruises.... we're waiting for your 1st step without holding on to something.

All these steps/milestones were awesome but what was a relief for both your dad and mum was when around 6 months you started sleeping through the night. Don't think we are selfish ... this also made you turn into a happier Zoe.
You love Sweet /Savory ... Healthy/Unhealthy... Everything
I have heard a lot of stories of mothers complaining about their baby's not eating properly. You do all your 'Nakhras' when I feed you something you should eat, when eventually you finish. When someone eats in front of you and doesn't share, you go berserk. You MashAllah eat all that we do. No bland mashed food for my baby...Chewing seems to be your favorite pastime, you chew everything .... paper, mobile, remote, tubes, pens ...
Love these and many other shots of yours
Zoe... you know what you love getting your pictures clicked. Actually you are a photographer's delight. The smile that comes on your face when you see the camera is amazing ... you give different expressions everytime I click u.
See I have proof... You ZeeKha will kill me for this.
You have such a charming smile and adorable innocence in your eyes that people get attracted to you easily, but when someone tries to hold you ... you shriek and how...

You enjoying your favorite 'Madhubala'
Everyone says you are your mothers replica, (in looks and attitude).... I just can;t get enough of it... because I start feeling so beautiful when someone says that. The most obvious thing that youv'e taken from me is your love for music ... Zoe, you can't stop moving when I switch on any music channel (your current favorite is Sony Mix) ... And the smile that comes on your face when you hear you favorite songs is to die for.
You, with your favorite book
Another thing you have taken from both your parents is your love for reading, especially the pop up cat & mouse book. That's just for a few minutes actually .... coz my Zoe is a busy girl .... she loves exploring things around ...
Love seeing the both of you together
1 thing which makes me feel all left out (which I knew would happen before you were born) is that Faizan spends every spare minute with you.... as if I don't exist .... Frankly I don't mind ... because just seeing the both of you together makes me feel nice. You are blessed to have such a great dad Zoe.... who loves you like anything. And let me tell you, when you see Abbi you forget all about me.... (Bad Zoe) :-(

Zoe aka ZoeMoe aka Daddoo aka Dukki .... you are an integral part of our lives. We don't remember how our family was like when you weren't there. Mumsu & Abbi love you a lot. May Allah bless you with a long life full of happiness, health, wealth and lots of Icecreams.

Love you baby... Mumsu

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Month 11 - Zoe's on a Developing Spree...

So Zoe turns 11 months today and I have been off from the blog - space for a while now ... there are many new that Zoe has started doing off late. Before I miss em all out I better move my lazy fingers and jot em all down.

The thing I'm happiest about is that Zoe has gone off bottles completely... Now my Zoe is a sipper girl. I have heard so much about moms tearing their hair as their babies aren't switching from bottles to sipper. With Zoe it was a smooth ride touch-wood. One fine day, I just thought I'd give her milk in a sipper, no more bottles... And Zoe was ok with it.

Zoe is over formula milk as well... She now has normal cows milk (as per her ped's instructions... We chose to give her tetra packed milk) here again my baby didn't gimme any problem.

The development that I'm most excited about is that Zoe has started responded to bye. Not only she waves when you say "Bye-Bye"... She also replies saying "ba-bye" (in her cutest Donald Duckish voice).

She's also exercising her legs as she walks, squats and lunges while holding on to a furniture piece or us. She knows that one day real soon Insh'Allah she'll have to let go and walk independently. Oh! How much am I waiting for that day. I'm giving my girl... time and lots of exercise so that she starts walking alone when she's really ready.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Zoe Story

Zoe would be celebrating 1st her birthday next month, and it is high time I have her birth story jotted down. I was an HR professional and have put my career on halt since the day Zoe came in our lives. Faizan and me (who have been married for almost 4 years now) come closest to a happy urban couple. We respect each other, believe in giving one another space, and love to spend time with each other. Zoe has just made our family perfect and complete (Mashallah).
Staying in Bangalore (without no family here) both of us know Zoe is our priority and both of us set aside the things we want to do to take care of our Princess. Faizan is a hands-on-dad in the truest form, her does everything from changing her diapers, to bathing her, feeding her, dressing her up, to distracting her when I comb her hair. 

We didn't plan on starting a family, but when we conceived Zoe... after we actually came to terms with the fact we were happy, excited, a little confused and what not. In short we were ecstatic. For the both of us it meant our marriage got a brand new meaning, and our family became complete.

I had seen my elder sister who was pregnant with my nephew (2 years elder to Zoe). So I had and idea about pregnancy. Besides I read alot, discussed a lot with other preggy woman (when working 10 of my colleagues were pregnant so I had a lot of company).

Fortunately for me, I had a very normal pregnancy. I was working till the 25th of November (a day before we were blessed with Zoe). Frankly, I feel people make a big deal about pregnancy... or maybe I was just fortunate enough. I only had a little morning sickness in the 1st trimester.

I was also lucky to have Faizan and my family (mums and sis) by my side. I also had a very employee friendly employee, so I was extremely happy throughout.

Faizan was very cooperative from the day we knew we were expecting a baby. He made sure I was happy, had my home-cooked meals at the right time, took my medicines regularly, et al. He accompanied me to all the doctor visits from day-1, there wasn't a day when I had to go to the doc's clinic alone or with my mom. He couldn't be there with me in the OT as I had a C-sec, but besides that he was always besides me.
I remember I worked half day on 25th and went to the doc's clinic for a regular check-up. The doctor suspected some complication (the only problem I faced in my pregnancy) and this was followed by a series of tests. At around 11:30 in the night, it was decided I would have a C-Sec. I was a little upset as I wanted a normal delivery... but then it was because of Zoe's health we gave in and decided to have a C-Sec.
At 1:06 am on 26th November 2010 Zoe came into this world. I was under anaesthesia and at around 3:00am when I woke up, the 1st thing I asked the nurse was - how is the baby? The nurse told me "it was a baby girl" and I was on top of the world. I was able to look at Zoe only at around 4 in the morning. Faizan was so excited about Zoe coming in our lives that he bonded with her from day one. Faizan is very strong person, but is very emotional when it comes to me or Zoe.

The first few months with the baby were chaotic. Zoe was born underweight… She was suffering from colic for the initial 2 months, we shifting to Bangalore where were all alone. I had forgotten to wash my hair. I didn’t know how I was looking. I stopped working out, put on weight. I was recovering from C-Sec, my back pain was severe and energy levels low. It was like a mad rush with so many things on my mind... but myself. Now I have eased out a little but the initial 8-8.5 months were bad. Now Zoe's schedule is set, we are better settled in Bangalore, I have started working out, doing things I enjoy.

All my time right now is 'Zoe-time', so whatever I do, I take some time from Zoe and then I do it. On weekends and when he is at home, Faizan doesn't let me do much. He pretty much does everything for Zoe. I actually enjoy my Zoe-time...

Before Zoe came in my life, I watched all the movies possible in the theatre... partied... ate out... So I was prepared to have a child, and though occasionally I miss that life... When I look at Zoe I don't mind.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"I loved Ice-cream"

Ice-cream... The name itself makes me drool, and it would have been unfair to keep Zoe away from them for long.

On the 2nd of Oct we were coming back from our regular 'Lunch-Shopping for Zoe' Sunday ritual. The weather was awesome as it was raining. We crossed Baskin Robins, and I said "Why don't you and Zoe have an ice-cream?" (I have been off ice-creams for a while now). Before I could complete my sentence, Faizan took a U-turn.

I ordered 'Cotton Candy' Flavor for Zoe (not only because I loved it, it also went well with the color she was wearing).

She waited patiently (or not so patiently) 
while I gave her the 1st bite.
1st taste of Ice-cream 

And she didn't want to let go off the spoon.
Finally when she finished it all... her 
expressions told us how much she liked the treat...

 Here is to many more sweet treats in our lives...

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sleep-a-thorn in progress

Did I mention about a marathon in my last post... Well its just that the baby is continuously on the go... Place her on the high-chair and she can take a 180 deg turn... On the floor I have to literally follow her and keep an eye on her, else she gets herself into trouble.
Gone are the days when Zoe slept peacefully.

The problem, my dear friends doesn't end here... She is as mobile in her sleep as she is while she is awake. Its like a sleep-a-thorn as I like to call it. She sleeps through the night (thankfully) and generally by 9.00-9.30 (max) she is in her bed. We cover her from all the sides with pillows and cushions... Still we need to check on Zoe every hour... You might have made her lie down in the center of the king size bed but whenever you go... She is all over the bed except at the place we did leave her last. Her favorite sleep position is like an ostrich... with her head dug in the bed and her hips in the air...

Unfortunately for me, I don't have a sound sleep at all... Even if she moves slightly during the night we get up, and then it takes a good one hour for me to go back to bed... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz Good Night all...

Friday, September 30, 2011

Guest Post - This is especially for my Love

I am in love… the kind of love that I have never experienced before. This is totally different, as I have no expectation from the other party because I know she loves me too.  I am all lost in her thoughts, she makes me smile, her acts are so funny that they take away all my stress. She has the cutest smile in this world and best pout (PS: Even Priyanka Chopra, my favorite actress, is “Paani cum Chai” in front of her). At times she keeps me awake till 3-4 in the morning, at times she sleeps for good 10 hours at night. And you know what…I love to see her sleeping. She has her own set of tantrums and I love to do whatever she wants me to.  She loves to shop, and I love to spend on her. She is my darling Daughter ZOE.
Zoe is one of the best things that happened to me another best thing was when I met her Mother, Falak. Before Zoe came to my life I used to avoid infants. The only thought of having a kid was enough for me to run away. Thanks to my sisters and brothers, I have seen their babies and I used wonder why do people carry a baby around everywhere. I used to think life can be good without a child. Why can’t they be born as toddlers or for that matter as adults? Why do they always have to cry? Why are they so delicate? A baby to me came with lots of question marks.

All my questions were answered when Zoe came into my life. She changed the way I looked at babies. She gave birth to a father to a completely new person actually. Now, I love kids. I understand them; understand their language which they communicate through touch, expression, smiles and tantrums ofcourse.

Now when I look back, I wonder how I survived without Zoe being in my life. If I don’t see her for few hours, I feel a kind of a vacuum. I rush back home after work because I know I will be welcomed by a sweet smile. No matter how bad the day is at work, her smile makes my day.

Thank you my little pumpkin for blessing me by being my daughter.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Month 10: Zoe on the Move

Zoe now a days is always on-the-go... It feels like she is going to take part in a marathon of some sort...

She has been moving all around the apartment and doesn't even need an energy drink. Not just cardio, she is also doing rock climbing (read objects like tables, people's legs, her crib etc.), push-ups, sit-ups, et al.

I checked with her Ped if it was O.K... And she said "Look at her, she is so active. You should be happy"... There I turn to see Zoe trying to pull herself out from her dad's firm grip.

A couple of weeks back I was terribly upset with the shape I was in. Now I know, its gonna be OK in a matter of some months. Considering the fact that I have to run after Zoe, pulling her away from table corners, drawers, newspapers, plugs and what not. She is a nice and healthy baby now (Mashallah) so after my workout and running after Zoe, pulling her back, picking her up... By the end of the day I literally have no energy left. My body aches from the day long full-body workout.

I always look forward to my weekends where I can hand over Z to Faizan and relax. Strangely, when I get the time to do that, I miss my running around Zoe... Ahhhhhh motherhood.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Not fit to be a Mom...

Zoe got up earlier than usual today... why today? I just came back to Bangalore last night from a nice but tiring holiday... the house was in a mess, spent most of my night cleaning up with Faizan, I wanted to sleep till late as it was a Sunday... but Zoe had other plans. I let her first babble and then cry in her crib for a good 5 minutes before I decided to pick my baby up. Yeah... Yeah I know you all must be thinking what kind a mom am I... How can I let my baby cry for 5 long minutes.

Well, this is me... a mother who doesn't want to lose herself in the process of becoming a mom. That does not for sure means becoming selfish when it comes to Zoe. For me becoming a parent (especially a mother) is about learning and unlearning, about discovering yourself and not forgetting about yourself. It's about exploring a whole new world with your baby's eyes. More than anything else I believe in enjoying the entire process and not becoming stressed over small things.

For me bringing up a baby is not only a mom's responsibility but dads should be equally responsible. That is why when Faizan wants to do something (a lot of things) for Zoe I don't mind at all. I let him do it, in fact I like it as, because of Faizan I get the much needed time with myself.

People who know me tell me 'what kind of mum are you?', 'how can you let Faizan take care of the baby alone?', 'you are a mother, you should not sleep till late on weekends'... In short they think I'm not fit to be a mom...

I don't need to answer them, I know that I might not be the 'conventional mother' but I'm The Perfect Mother for Zoe. If that would not have been the case, why would a crying Zoe only become quiet in my lap? why does she only want to cling on to me when my baby is not feeling good?, why does she need me when she is sleepy? My Zoe might not convey it to me in words (just yet) but I know when she would be able to speak she will tell me... "Mumsu, you are fit to be only Zoe's mum, Love u"

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Separation Anxiety

Poor Zoe has been crying (read shrieking) her lungs out, as soon as I left her on the couch to attend to some assignments. Whoever thought it was very easy to work from home is highly mistaken, and doesn't has a baby fighting with Separation Anxiety to take care of. Right now, if I go in front of Z without completing the task at hand, she will start it all over again.

Separation Anxiety is something which is extremely hard to deal with. Even if you have a house full of people, the baby wants to cling on to you. It is EXHAUSTING to express it mildly.

It has been a rough week for Zoe, we have been on a holiday to some relatives and she is not used to seeing so many people around. Everyone wants to hold her or hug her. My baby doesn't understand its out of love and hates being touchy-touhy.

At first, when your baby is born she feels you and her are the same person. Then she develops as an individual, this sets in the fear of getting abandoned. The stage can start anywhere at 6 months and continues for a few months. A baby can have separation anxiety till two years of age.

When eventually your baby starts growing and developing higher level of independence and self-awareness, she would get over separation anxiety.

Try to leave your baby with others for a few minutes, so that she gets used to being with someone else.

I just hope my Z gets over this stage and becomes the friendly baby she once was as soon as possible. Till then I would have to live with my baby clinging on to me....

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

9 Months have flown... Cheers to 9 months of ZoeMoe

I'm writing this a couple of days in advance, coz I would be a tad bit busy on the D Day itself.

Zoe will be turning 9 months soon and I really can't come to terms with the fact. When Z was born I wanted her to reach this phase real fast, coz for me the thought of handling a small baby alone was a little daunting. Didn't know its going to be so fast.

Last 3 months have seen her master new tricks every now and then. That means I have to become extra careful of where she is and what she is upto. From sitting, to crawling, to trying to stand with support to saying 'Da-da' all happened in the last 3 months. Another thing which she has developed (which most 9 months old do) is that she loves dropping things and loves it when we pick these articles up. As soon as we give it back to Z, she drops it again after a couple of seconds... (there goes my back again)...

She is becoming an individual with every passing day, she has her own set of mood swings, tantrums, loves getting attention and when she needs her me time she wouldn't even give you a second look no matter how hard you try. She is actually so much like me and Fizz in her own sweet way. Like me she is an attention seeker and loves being around with people, if you ignore her... she shouts, speaks non-stop, and does all possible things to attract your attention. Like me again she is a drama queen, she is a total entertainment channel. Just like dad dearest she is short-tempered and just like him she knows how to charm people. She has also developed a new found attraction to gadgets be it the remote, cell phone (she prefers my blackberry over her dads :-( ), plugs and wires (just like the both of us... or just like most babies). That meant we should not only be careful but baby proof our house as well.

That is actually as of now, let us see what happens in the coming months and how she shapes up as an individual :-). Next couple of months will see me preparing for her 1st year completion Insh Allah, trying to lose some much needed weight, and spending more and more time with my baby.

Allah has blessed me and Fizz a plenty and sent an angel in our lives. God Bless Z and God bless us.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cheers to New Mommies World.

When you become a mom you become a part of a brand new group, a group comprising of Sleep deprived, exhausted, memory impaired women. You are able to connect with this group as soon as you give birth to your baby. What follows is lots of comparisons, discussions and debates. No one can understand the plight/happiness of a new mom but a new mother herself (A live example is our very own group).

This new found club, a unique union does not require a formal meeting. In fact some people hardly know anything about each other than the fact that their babies fall in the same age group (well almost). All members aren't like minded which at times gives rise to heated debates on topics like breastfeeding v/s formula, diapers v/s nappies, girls v/s boys, working v/s SAHM and so on.

New moms can also boost of a new kind of humor which only "Moms" can understand. Discussing baby poops can make mommies laugh out load, the short-comings of a new dad brings the much needed smile on our lips.

The bonding that happens is amazing. Mom groups are so powerful, that all of a sudden a sis-in-law who you couldn't see, becomes your sole mate. The newer moms who join the group, need a ear to listen to their queries and the 'experienced moms' flood them with suggestions. It becomes the responsibility of the experts to inform the new mommas about colic, swaddling, starting solids, etc.

The best part of this bonding is we celebrate the smallest victories only we can find.

Tip Time: Talk to a new mom who you know. Remember, instead of loading her with advice, listen to her, sympathize with her, and tell her about one of your hilarious and embarrassing new-mom screw-ups. She will not only appreciate it but be grateful to you.

Here is to our New Mommies world... Happy Bonding and Happy Parenting.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hmmmmm... How I wish...

The moment I knew I was pregnant with Zoe, I had always wished for a normal delivery. I always wanted to feel the moment and I wanted to witness the birth of my baby in front of my own eyes.

All was good during my pregnancy, I didn't face any problem what so ever (touch wood). All my tests were good and my doc was quite happy.

My baby was due 14th Dec 2010, and on Nov 25th I went on a routine check, it was a Thursday and I was working from Home. I wasn't feeling good since morning (just mood swings or maybe it was a sign) and luckily Faizan took an off that day.

The doc sensed something wrong and from afternoon till midnight, we were shuffling between a nursing home (where my doc used to check us) and Apollo Hospital where the delivery was scheduled.
At midnight I was told the position was critical as the baby had passed meconium in the tummy and I had to be operated.

Zoe was born at 1:06 am on 26th Nov and I saw her only at 3am that day... I wasn't in my complete senses and when I heard my daughter was born I was elated. My doc told me that the problem wasn't with me, if Zoe wouldn't have pooped ;-) I would have had a normal delivery...

Zoe will soon be turning 9 months, and I still wish it was a normal delivery. I don't know how labour pains feel like, I don't know what it feels when you are going through the entire process, I donno what my baby looked like just the moment she came into this world. I don't know...

Still I can't thank Allah Ta'ala enough for the angel He has blessed us with. Love u my baby.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Baby is suddenly becoming a Little Girl

It is amazing to keep a track of milestones and I just love seeing my baby achieve them. Since birth she has achieved all her milestones on time (Mashallah). All of a sudden now it has become one of my daily chore to keep a track of these developments.

My sweetheart has been literally doing a new thing every day since she turned 6 months in end of May 2011. One fine Sunday morning when I got up from my sleep I saw Zoe sitting on the bed all by herself, without any support.

As if this wasn't enough, a couple of days later I saw Zoe picking up a piece of Roti and keep it in her mouth with her two small little fingers.

2 Weeks later we were having lunch at out favorite cafe and Zoe all of a sudden stood on her own two feet with support of a couch.

It is amazing to see her grow and develop new skills. This also means you have to be more watchful and careful. With these new developments come lots of falls and slips. Where the baby is bond to get hurt.

All I'm doing now is enjoying her grow and be close to her just to keep a track on my little baby... ooops Little girl.

Monday, July 11, 2011

New Age Dads - Part II

Till recently (read till a little over 7 months back) I was of the opinion that when it comes to parenting, daddies always play a secondary role... Moms always have an upper hand.
Most of the credit for development of this mind set actually goes to us women, who believe its our job to care for our babies.. I remember, my mum had come to visit us, I was having dinner and Faizan was watching TV... Zoe started crying... the moment I looked at Faizan my mum gave me a dirty look (she wanted me to go and attend to Zoe).Per her, how can I expect my 'Poor Husband' to make Zoe calm.

Thankfully my husband doesn't believe in 'parenting is only momma's job'. He can take complete care of Zoe (which he does on weekends). Infact there are things which I have to learn from him... like bathing Zoe, entertaining her and feeding her patiently.I would like to believe that most dads these days have become extremely hands-on. They can do anything if required, from changing a dirty diaper to making her go to sleep.Gone are the days when daddies just existed (especially when the baby was really small). New age dads have a role to play in the child's upbringing from the day the baby arrives in this world...
We are proud of you new daddies... and for those who still live in the past era... you have a lot to learn from the new-gen dads....

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Life Now and Then

Fizz asked me what I'd like to do over the weekend.... "Let's go to Brigade Road.." to which I said "Naah, it's completely open, we can take Zoe to some mall". He then said let us go and watch KungFu Panda2, and my answer "Are you kidding me? What about Zoe"... "Accha let us go to BBQ Nation for lunch..." "Faizan... that is time for Zoe afternoon nap." And, we welcomed another weekend where we ate at home, went to a mall for 2 - 3 hours, bought stuff for Zoe and got back home.

Where has my life bought me?

Couple of months back, my daily schedule was fixed. I got up, got dressed, went to office after a quick breakfast. I didn't worry about my lunch and dinner, knew we will have something or the other. I didn't have to rush back home and leave my work half done.

Me and Fizz are movie buffs. We didn't miss a single movie and watched at least a movie per week... at times two. Now I don't remember how fresh popcorn smells.

Since school, I loved reading. I used to have a new book to read every month, there was no night where I slept without reading. Now my reading is limited to fairy tales. I make sure I read to Zoe before she goes to bed. I read stories which I have read nth number of times... Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Goldilocks...

Couple of months back, I was very regular with my exercise, but now I hardly get time. If I take out 15 mins a day for my exercise, I feel like an achiever.

Sometime back, I loved pampering myself, spas, haircuts, etc. Now taking a bath also means a 'rush bath' because I have to take a bath when my baby sleeps and hurry back as I'm scared 'what if Zoe gets up?'

Weekends meant trying out new restaurants just a few months back. Now the situation is such that a very popular Bangalore eatary is just a stone's throw from our place... but we can't even think of going there.

I used to shop for my house and bought whatever I liked, but now I have to make sure stuff I buy for my house doesn't have sharp corners... As it is just a matter of couple of weeks before Zoe starts crawling Inshallah.

But then, just a few months back I didn't know how nice I'd feel after small little fingers wrap around my fingers.
I didn't know how my heart would ache when my baby cries...
I did not realize I'm excellent at making new stories and turning hindi songs into lullabies...
I did not know someone can not only eat but love mashed banana with milk and mashed papaya.
I didn't realize I can laugh out loud and make fun of myself to just get a glimpse of the 2 little teeth...
I didn't know how painful it would be to see my new born in the low birth rate group, and how happy I would feel to see her Mashallah doing great in a matter of couple of months.
I didn't know anything but a movie can make me awake all night. Now I can stay awake without a blink just looking at and kissing my baccha.
I never realized I would stop (read shout at) Zefy (my nephew) from doing anything, until he shocked Zoe's rocker.
Just some months back I did not imagine I would clean someone's potty.

I just never knew all this and so much more... I didn't realize what I was missing out on...

I didn't know all this coz I wasn't a mom then which I'm now...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Pricess Mashallah completes half a year

My baby has turned 6 months today (Mashallah) and I can't express the feeling... I'm elated, happy, feel even more responsible, excited, and what not.

Zoe means 'full of life' and ZoeZo has definitely added a new life to Fizz and my life. We can't express how incomplete we were before Zoe was born. It feels that. my life was completely incomplete and Zoe more than completed it. The past 6 months have truly been a roller coaster ride.

When Zoe arrived, the first month saw a scared and skeptical me. I have never handled kids before, leave aside small babies... and here there was a small little life completely dependent on me.

By the second month, my apprehensions became lesser and I started getting irritated. There were times when Zoe cried endlessly and I couldn't understand why she was doing it. She just cried, slept and had milk. Still there were things which I loved in the second month, Zoe started smiling, resembling me more, by the end of 2nd month her colic reduced considerably. The last thing was a HUGE relief.

The 3rd month saw Zoe playing with mommy & daddy... she loved her bouncer, her cot mobile and her pram rides. Now the irritation reduced loved cuddling, taking care of, or just seeing ZoeZo.

The actual test started from the 4th month, till now had loads of people in the family to help me take care of Zoe, but now I was left all alone (Barring the 2 weeks my mommy was with me... Love You Ma). We shifted to Bangalore. Surprisingly my bebu took the change very positively. Mashallah, She started sleeping through the night, her feeds became regular, towards end of 4th month solids were introduced and ZoeZo (Mashallah) took it very nicely.

The fifth and sixth month have been even better (thank you so much Allah), Zoe started responding, laughing out loud when someone spoke to her. Teething was a bit of an issue but when I saw two beautiful teeth sprouting (which are still on it's way) I was so happy, all my worries disappeared. She has now started trying to sit up unassisted which she will Inshallah accomplish soon (will keep you guys posted).

To end it, this would be incomplete without a message for the family from Zoe...

Ammoo : Love you Ammoo, please come soon to Bangalore, I miss the food you used to make for me.
BabbieAmmoo : Mumsu says you have met me, but I hardly remember, I want to meet you real fast
Aanie : Miss you Aanie, I will come to Delhi soon Inshallah... Love the loads of pretty dresses you have given me...
Khalujaan : You were my buddy in Delhi, miss u KJ
NooKha : You are beautiful NooKha, that is why I used to love watching you dress up. Will you teach me how to apply makeup and dress right when I grow up?
BhaiJaan : Ailaboo, I miss you bro, please come to Bangalore real soon.
ShaluAmmoo : I used to love sitting on your lap... come to Bangalore soon
PeeKha : I just love it when you call me Mumpy Pumpy Princess. Miss you so much PeeKha.
MaazMoo : You should speak more often to me and stop clicking my pics whenever you see me.
ImmMoo : Mumsu says you are my God Father, please come to Bangalore real soon, and tell me why should I call you my Godfather...

And now a message for the JhingBang who hasn't met me...

KJaan and H'Cha : I hope to see you all in November, please come...
Jaan and SimMaami : I can't wait to meet you all in Nov, visit Bangalore before that please... Mumsu says you (Jaan) and Mumsu have had a great time growing up, please temme your stories
Farru Ammoo: You just keep saying you will pull my cheeks, I'm waiting... Love You (I would love to eat all the delicious stuff you make)
ZoKha: Mumsu says when ZoKha will come we will have lots of fun, I miss being with you ZoKha, I wanna be there with you. Come and visit me real, real, real soon
ZeeKha: I'm waiting for you to come. Mumsu tells me before I became mumsu's princess, Mumsu had a princess already,that was you.
FuKha: Please come and play with me. I loved the birthday party invitation you sent...
Maamu Naana/Maami Naani/SashooKha: I will be in SPN for my Birthday, be ready to pamper me to the core.

Thanks ZoeZo for being 'full of life' like your name. Love you my baby.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Happy Mother's Day (Belated...)

I wanted to write this blog on mom's day, but being a mother is a full time job... No I don't mean a 9-5, 5 days a week... but it sure is a 24*7 duty. So please excuse me, and I will forgive myself, better late than never... And here I'm.

On Mother's day, lemme sit back and think what actually it means when you say "I'm a mom"... Being a mom is not easy to explain, but I will try to give it a shot.

It is an Adjustment:

Realizing that your family itself has become bigger and the new entrant will remain your focal point for years now, is a huge adjustment. Want to go out shopping, need to catch a late night movie, candle lit dinner with your partner, a good night's sleep, you will have to think about the baby before making any plans and cancel them many a times. Last Saturday for instance, I had to cancel my appointment with my hair stylist because my baby wouldn't let me go...

It is Tough:

Loving your baby is a different story all together. Bathing them, taking care of everything they want, feeding them, consoling them, is a different story all together. You cannot meet your friends, can't exercise with a baby crying (besides your body goes through all sort of pains.), you are exhausted, your relationship with your spouse is hard to maintain.

It is not everyone's cup of tea:

Everyone who sees your baby goes ga-ga over them. Someone I know commented on my baby's pic on FB "Awwwwwwww, she is so beautiful, even I want one". Then she asks me, have you watched Chalo Dilli in the theater. Guess she didn't notice the dark circles I have in the picture. I wanted to shout "You will NEVER EVER understand". It isn't a joke, the baby is completely your responsibility and you got to give up almost everything.

After saying all this let me tell you the biggest truth...


I'm falling short of words... You get a high when you do a task well... If you multiply that feeling with a zillion.... trillion... That is the feeling that every mom has when her baby smiles/laughs at her, kisses her, hugs her, says "I love You Mommy"... When they learn to say 'Ma' or any new word... Read... go to school...

Moms are of different kinds, strict, lenient, loving, introvert, working, home makers... Some loved their pregnancy others hated it. Still I have never come across any mother who would trade places with someone without a baby and want to live without her little one...

So enjoy every moment... from hugs to hair falls, body aches to compliments... Enjoy Parenting...Love You Zoe...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Reality Check: Wake Up and Smell The Coffee

I clearly remember having a huge discussion (read argument) with my elder sister on whether a woman should leave her job after having kids, to raise them of course... I was completely backing the stance of a full time working mom while my sister was pro SAHM (Stay at home moms).

Well, I guess I should’ve done a reality check before arguing... but it happens with me many a times, that I say things before thinking. Anyways, now with a baby and completely no one to help (except my husband of course, who has been a sweetheart and helps me way beyond what I imagined); I can’t think of working full time. I’m working as a freelancer and haven’t given up a career for good. Still people say things like:

“So you have finally given in and decided to become a homemaker?”

“Freelancer? When do you plan to take up a full time career?” 
People still feel that a woman can either be a good mom or a successful career woman... Well, I beg to disagree. as  

Being a mom is a full time job – yeah clichéd as it may sound, it is a fact
Freelancing is as good a career choice as being a full time career person
A successful career woman can be an equally successful mom, like a successful career dad...

Here I would say, to each her own. Whatever choice you make, make sure you decide way before the baby comes into your life; and once the decision is taken don’t regret it.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mysteries that will always remain unsolved for me...

At times I sit and wonder (that is when I can take out time to ponder from my busy days)...
How can I love someone immensely who has just been with me for a little over than 4.5 months?
All Zoe does the entire day is pull my hair, drools till she wets my shoulder, cries the moment I sit back to enjoy my cup of tea, I can’t think of my days without her ...
How in the middle of the night I change a dirty diaper with just one eye open... when I can’t cross my room in dark without banging into my bed...
How can I spend all time I have with Zoe when I don’t even have the time to brush my teeth or my hair...
How can I be giggling and be extremely sad both on the same day....
How can Zoe howl at one moment and be sound asleep the next....
How did Zoe increase her birth weight and height rapidly but her hair grows at a very slow pace...
How Zoe now is able to sleep without getting up the whole night while I'm wide awake, just seeing she is OK...
I guess I would never be able to solve these mysteries ... but since I'm enjoying it, I would not mind it a bit...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Age Dads

People keep on harping on the fact that mommies have a huge hand in raising up children. Especially when the children are young infants, it is believed that daddies dont play a huge role.

Well things every where are changing and this perspective about dads sure needs a re-look. It will be unfair to say dads don't play an important role, as the new age dads (most of them) are not only participating but excelling when it comes to parenting. There are various things dads are better at (talking from experience):

  • Dads have bigger hands and firmer grips... hence dads are better at burping babies. You manage to help your baby burp comfortably and fast, vis-a-vie a new mom.
  • For moms in yesteryears, having babies meant staying hibernated, but for a new mom it is very important to go out shopping, dining etc. When you need to carry your bundle of joy in a sling, dads are better equipped to do it. As they will take longer to get tired.
  • Feeding from bottle or solids, as dads generally do not feed and are much more patient.
  • New Daddies love putting their little ones to bed, because this is a bonding time for the father and child. Also dads are stronger and the child feels more secure in their strong arms.
Parents should remember that their dadies are the strongest, biggest and most powerful in the eyes of their children, hence dads should be proud of being the best dads for their children.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Confessions of a new Mum

People talk lots about mother’s touch, love, and all sorts of emotions attached with motherhood. Frankly speaking (and I want to kill myself for being so blunt and accepting it) the initial few days/rather weeks were tough - to say the least. I didn’t find love flowing and oozing out for Zoe from day one. It is another story now that I can’t keep my eyes off my darling daughter for a second.
Things became tougher because I have never handled kids this small before. The only child I held before I was blessed with Zoe was my nephew. And the first time I took Zefan in my arms was when he was 6 months old. Here I was given the responsibility to not only hold but take care of a small little baby who was hardly couple of hours of age. It is another story that I’m now a pro at handling any child.
People come up with all kind of advice and being a new mommy I did not know what to listen to and what not to. Now I have adopted a simple method. I listen and check the information on Google before following any advice. Also for me, to each his/her own, as no two babies are alike, same things cannot be right for all kids.
When you are pregnant, no one tells you about the not so good things that you face-maybe because of the fact that this period is nothing as compared to the lifelong pleasure of being a parent. Still, for a new mom/dad these things can be very intimidating and can be extremely daunting at times.
To top it all, if you are a working woman; it becomes important for you to take some key decisions in life. Whether you would want to join work back immediately, if yes how would things function at home, etc. This problem becomes huge if you want to continue working and your family isn’t supportive enough.
Amongst all this you successfully become a super mom for your baby (well hopefully, as I still have a long way to go). Right now, I'm just enjoying the experience and looking forward to wonderful years ahead.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

3 Months...

3 Months have literally flown with Zoe and I 'm on my way of becoming a Pro-Mom... I'm becoming proud of myself with every passing day... This doesn't mean that we don't commit mistakes... Zoe actually becomes a guinea pig as we do a whole of experimenting. The reason is simple... being first time parents me and Fizz did not know how to handle kids... slowly and steadily we are both becoming better and better. Now actually I can understand whether Zoe is crying because she is hungry, sleepy, not well or plain bored. This learning has come after days and weeks of becoming irritated over the reason of her cry. We are learning new things everyday.

Zoe is slowly and steadily becoming a better sleeper at night (thank God for that). She has also started smiling, laughing and talking (in her own language) more often Mashallah and playing with her various toys (cot mobile, gym, rocker).

One of the best thing is getting surprised by the way your babies change almost every single day. They learn/do new things everyday and these antiques make us smile even if we are dead tired...

I had to take a break here from my writing, coz Zoe was craving for some attention. How much I love writing my blog, it had to take a back seat as Zoe has definitely become my priority right now... Well the good thing is I'm back.

Things have definitely become better now (I get less irritated/hyper now), but the learning will continue for life. The initial 3 months of a baby's life are full of anxiety, excitement, tension, love, happiness and what not. It requires a lot of your time and a huge dose of patience.

It has been an amazing journey and I know it would be even better with every passing day. I would like to mention I would have never been able to survive these 3 months without my hubby dearest (love you for that Fizz, you are the best dad) and my mum...
Here is to parenthood...