Saturday, June 30, 2012

50 things About Me

So I have seen this list on so many blogs, I wanted to do this for myself. Now this is more for me (as I keep forgetting who I really am at times) than for my readers:

  1. I love myself, I know I have a huge scope for improvement but still
  2. I love my family (my parents, hubby, Z, my siblings, cousins) and friends
  3. I love to dance, it’s the biggest stress buster besides Z of course
  4. I think I’m a nice mom, still I have a long way to go.
  5. I’m a Leo (a true blue Leo) actually
  6. I’m a movie buff… love Bollywood movies and absolutely adore Hollywood Rom-Coms (no one makes Romantic Comedies like Hollywood). I cry when I watch movies
  7. I’m a diehard Aamir Khan fan since I was 6 years of age
  8. I can’t stop drooling when I see the likes of George Clooney, Tom Cruise, Matthew McConaughey, Jude Law, Hugh Grant Michael Vartan and the likes
  9. I love to act
  10. I love to laugh.
  11. I love to write
  12. I love it when people say genuine good things about me
  13. I’m married to the greatest guy in the whole wide world and we are blessed to have the best daughter (Cant thank Allah enough)
  14. I’m extremely loyal to people I’m committed to
  15. I’m very ambitious and sometimes I become harsh on myself because of this
  16. I’m a hard core optimist and hate pessimism.
  17. One thing I have fought with is my weight, it’s been like a yo-yo and I’m struggling to lose weight right now
  18. I love working out (aerobics)
  19. When I was working I wanted to quit and now I want to start working. Right now I’m working at starting something on my own.
  20. I’m a lousy cook, but I love to bake cakes
  21. I lie just for the heck of it at times
  22. I prefer coffee to tea
  23. I have read so many books but I still have a soft corner for Archies Comics
  24. I love Pink
  25. I have a problem when I have to confront someone
  26. I love to argue ;-)
  27. I want to learn a new form of dance
  28. I’m the biggest Jane Fonda Bhakt 
  29. I love when Fizz wakes me up in the morning
  30. I don’t have aerated drinks
  31. I can be very harsh but I prefer that from being sugar coated
  32. I’m very particular about my appointments, and have never missed one
  33. I love to smile at myself when I look in the mirror
  34. Post Z I’ve become a late riser and a late sleeper (I hate it)
  35. I love to read with expressions and go in another zone altogether
  36. I hate forwards and useless promotional mails
  37. I love the smell of popcorns and fresh coffee
  38. I love CCD and always have Iced Eskimo
  39. I don’t love Chocolates
  40. I love getting a mail/message from a long lost friend
  41. I was on top of the world when I met my childhood best friend Megha on Orkut after 10 years and Komal on Facebook after more than 15 years
  42. I always look forward to my birthday
  43. I love potatoes (my only weakness when it comes to food)
  44. I love being surprised
  45. I’m very possessive about people close to me
  46. I love Fairy Tales
  47. I wanted to be a theater actor but… that’s another story… dukhti rag 
  48. I used to love my hair till Z was born
  49. My skin was the best when I was pregnant
  50. This was very exhausting… so I will tag 2 blogging friends (please spare me ladies I swear I will read your list)
So now Sumita and Nibedita... Go ahead... take your time 

Friday, June 29, 2012

The 'Ooooops' Moment

So I've been tagged by N Bose to write about my Ooooops moment. Can't avoid this one really, and I have so many to choose from that I have to think real hard on which one to pen down here. My life's been full of the 'Oooops' Moments, I suffer from something called the 'Foot in Mouth' syndrome.
OK... before I go ahead, let me clarify I'm not just a Mommy blogger, before Z was born I blogged on (do check it), when Z was born... I thought I'd maintain both blogs; but unfortunately that didn't happen.

Now, back to the topic, this one instance from college days stands out clearly (yes N... It is from about a decade back, from my college days, and an incident that happened in a Multiplex ... thankfully the similarity ends here and there was no porn playing there :)).

So, college days were the best days of my life, I was in a girl's college and I loved those 3 years like anything. Our Fridays were meant for movies, we made sure we gathered enough money, attend classes throughout the week (so that our attendance doesn't get affected), and enjoy a nice movie at PVR Saket every week. My gang-of-girls didn't enter the campus that day because we had planned so. I had some work in Admin's office and I promised my friends I'd be out within no time. Work done, I rushed down the corridor and was about to make an exit... BANG... I bumped into our 'American History' lecturer. Now Ms. Maira was one teacher which I was sh*t scared of, still am actually.

Ms. Maira - "Where are you off to young lady ? You have a class to attend"
I had to think of something and quick... thankfully that was one of those rare days I had worn my contact lenses
Me (*making a sorry face): "Yes ma'am, I know but my glasses broke and I don't have an extra pair. I'll have to get new ones made."
Ms. Maira - "Oh Oh! That's bad, you want to be dropped home?"
Me: "No thanks Ma'am, my dad's coming to pick me up"
Ms. Maira: "Take Care"
I rushed out as soon as possible, took an auto and went straight to PVR.
While my friends went to grab a quick bite at McDonalds, I stood in the ticket queue... why was online banking not an option back then??? I really don't know.
As I reached the ticket window, someone tapped on my shoulder... As I turned Dhan-Tan-Tan... Maira Ma'am was standing right there. I wanted to bury my head in the ground like an ostrich there and then. 

Ms. Maira - Falak, what are you doing here?
Me: As you can see Ma'am, buying tickets... You want me to buy one for you? My treat. (See I told you about the F-I-M syndrome)

She looked at me and told said 'See me tomorrow in class... We need to talk'
I don't wanna get embarrassed further discussing what happened when I went to meet her the next day.
I'm so sorry but I'll have to tag some bloggers here :( most of the bloggers I like have already been tagged so can't tag them again. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy 60th Mom

Mom and Me
Today is mum's 60th birthday... and the sad part is that non of her 3 daughters are with her. My elder sis is holidaying in London with her son, I'm in Bangalore and my kid sister is studying in Europe. The good thing is Ma will be with me next month and we are going to have a lot of fun. :-)

When I went through my posts here and in my previous blog, I realized something and felt really bad. I thanked my senior at work, my husband, my sisters, my brother, my daughter, my dad, my nephew... but I have never expressed something about my mum. I know I can never thank her enough... but at least I can say what I want to... I know Ma will be super embarrassed after reading this, but I know she will love every word of this. These things that I've mentioned here, are things which are exclusive to our relationship. Not all mommy-daughter relationships can boost of all of them.

My mom loves reading and she is the one who worked really hard to develop our vocabulary and language skills (English and Urdu). We were always surrounded with books, Ma was extremely particular about language, pronunciation and correct usage of phrases. Whatever writing skills I have, is not only because of good education (which she was extremely particular about) but also because of my mom.

Love the way you use to dress us up when we were kids, we were always dressed nicely as kids. You not only bought fab clothes, you stitch the most amazing clothes... for every one. 

See I told you ... Ma took so much care to dress us up (that's me:))

Her stitching still goes strong, Z's latest by Ma

My mom trusts her daughters completely (especially me ;-)). Both my parents have loads of confidence in my capabilities (dunno why :)) but this has helped me instill huge amount of confidence in myself. I always strive to do things to the best of my capability because of the both of them. The way she keeps on telling me... you're born to become a writer (I told you she has huge confidence in me.) makes me love myself even more. :-)

Mum treats her daughters like babies, and I don't know about the other two... but I love that. I love the attention she gives... the way she has to like every damn Facebook status I write. The way she always call up and asks "Beta kuchh chahiye toh nahin"....

You would hate to hear this but you still have kept the child in yourself alive. The way you play videogames, and get hooked on to them... the way you throw tantrums, and the way you have to say 'No' when we ask you to go out shopping or any where else for that matter.

Thanks so much for the love of movies you have given me. I mean, thanks to you I have seen all the movies and know all the film gyaan of an era when I didn't even exist. You are the most 'Filmy' mom I've met in my life. The filmy one-liners you use in your conversations are hilarious.

Last but not the least... I love the relationship you share with both your sons-in-law. They are your sons, and you truly treat them like that.

I keep on irritating you, and I'm the one who has bothered you the most... but I love you much much more than that. You have done an awesome job being a mom.

Love You my Jazz Queen

World's best parents

Mommie (in yellow) with her sisters/brothers

My beautiful Mom
Mommy with my elder sis...
And with my nephew.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

19th Month - A very 'Happening' month Indeed

So my little chatter-box is not a baby now (yeah I know you've been hell-bent on proving this to Mumsu but I was the one who didn't want to believe you). And when I saw your pictures we clicked the other day on the terrace I had no option left but to believe you my little lady.

You know what I mean... Youv'e started posing for the cam already

So, where was I? Yeah talking about Z... The chatter box. Frankly Abbi n I don't get half the things you say... but we're trying. And you Missy... Try to slow down a little, speak clearly and nicely (Naah... Take your time). I know, you have a huge task of working on your vocabulary, and I must say you're doing a marvelous job (*pat on your back for that).  So, besides the Heyoooo (hello), Ba (Sheep), Roar (Lion), Daaeet (Light), Pa, Ma, Ba, Da, Doe/Dodo-Zoe/Zozo (I know I'm missing many) which you had already perfected by the time you turned 18 (months)... the new ones added are issss (ice), JeAye (Jaaiye) DeDe (Dedijiye) (yeah since we speak Urdu, its 'Dedijiye' in your mother tongue), Aai (Hi), woooooo (cow/moooo), Boo-Boo (for milk), and your favorite (besides Byeee) daat (that... you always point your finger to an object you want and say 'daatt'). Unfortunately, these are the ones we understand, besides these you keep on talking continuously. Obviously you have to repeat a word or two of what we say. Give you a phone and you talk on it for a full 2-3 minutes. Its like a full conversation after 'Heyo'. Having said that I must admit, you keep yapping day long, but you speak back ONLY WHEN YOU WANTS. If you aren't in a mood you don't reply, whether we ask you1000 times.

We've finally initiated potty training, though there hasn't been any success till date... and its not your fault, we've just 'Initiated' it.

Now let's talk about your mood swings and tantrums. You sure beat me hands down on having mood swings (not a good thing really). On most of the days you are chirpy, fun, and do not bother us touch wood. On some days (like in last music class) you become very quiet (I must admit these days are few and far between)  Then there are days when you're super cranky, but those days are even fewer. And girl... You sure know how to throw a tantrum, I mean you shriek, stomp your feet, cry, and what not. I have started a 'semi' timeout for you and it sure works. If your tantrums are uncontrollable, I make you stand in your play pen (you know Ma is angry as soon as she places you there)... You cry louder for Pa to hear for 15-20 seconds, and then you relax. During your timeout I don't lock you in the room (I'm not that bad ... see) we stay in the same room, we just don't acknowledge your presence.

You have proved Mumsu/Pa are teaching you good things as well. Every morning you get up, however grumpy you are... As soon as Ma/Pa say 'Salaam' you touch your head with your right hand, your hand doesn't move from its place till we say 'Itna Bada mera Baccha'. You are a big Nautanki I must tell you. Your Ammoo (my mum) and Daadi will be super proud of you my baccha.

You love open spaces, that's why when Ma is busy and needs you to leave her alone for sometime she leaves you in the Balcony... You just love it, there's a kid your age who stays below... Even though you cannot see him, you speak to him in your language and he replies back. That's so cute. Another favorite spot is the terrace. You get to do all your acrobats on the terrace. Few days are nice and breezy and you love those days.

Monkeying around on the Terrace

Climbing the stairs, you leave no opportunity to give Ma mini heart-attacks

Exploring the terrace further. No corner should be left.
We started going to Rhythm n Rhyme again, and you're such a star Mash'Allah (even a gunda at times) that everyone remembers your name. You love music, you do actions on your favorite 'Wheels of the bus', 'if you're happy', 'clean-up' and 'twinkle-twinkle'.

You have gone into this zone where you love clapping. We say 'Very Good girl' and you start clapping... We say 'Clap' and you start clapping. You sit on your potty and start clapping.

You surprised Ma yet again. We bought a Doodle for you and you didn't touch it for the first few days, so we thought you're small to use it. Nope, you proved us wrong. I left you for 2 minutes for doing something in the kitchen and when I  came out you were busy scratching drawing on the doodle. Good Girl... Still nothing can make you busy like 'buks' do... and I just wish this continues.

This month has a lot of firsts... Now if I say 'kick' you kick a ball near you... You make a tower of 3-4 blocks. We took you to the Kidz Zone in Forum Value Mall, it was your first time... And we had a hard time getting you out from that place. You had fever for the 1st time but thankfully you recovered soon.

Mumsu/Pa have finalized your Pre-School (almost) and you'll Insh'Allah join from February 2013. Details will come later.

So, you see sweetheart... Its been a pretty eventful month and we loved it.

Happy 19th month baby little lady. May Allah bless you and us. :)

Love You.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Z Doodling Around

Bought a Doodle for Zoe, thought let her grow a little, then I'd give it to her... I made her sit on her play-mat and went in the kitchen, when I came out I was in for a surprise. The entire thing was made by Zoe.

I was so excited to click the pictures, I didn't realize I haven't switched on the light :-( 

Finally Ma changed the settings

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Toddling Tuesday

Z attracts attention in a jiffy... I don't know if its the age or my baby is Charmer ;-)
Pa took us for a fun 'Father's Day' quick dinner at Pizza Hut Jayanager and we sat on the 1st table near the entrance. There was a bell which hung at Pizza Hut, it was obviously for people to ring the bell when they have a good time. There were more kids (because it was Sunday, and eating joints like Pizza Hut always attract more kids). There were 4-5 kids around us, all were elder to Z. One of the kid rang that bell, and Z started laughing  hysterically. Bas phir kya tha, one after the other these kids rang the bell & Z kept laughing. Not only did the kids love seeing Z laugh, all other people in Pizza Hut were smiling looking at Z. And after a lot of months we had a fun meal, and Z was kept engaged... not by her parents for sure. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Fizz Clicked Away on Father's Day

Fizz n Z spent some quality time on Father's day... and this was the result.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Pa's Day Sweetheart

Okay, so this is your second Father's Day, and Z is still small to wish you properly. I've said it a zillion times but, one last time I cross my heart and say... Fizz : You sure are the better parent for Z. I mean, I do all I can to get the kind of love she showers on her Pa. The moment she lays eyes on you Fattaak ... Mumsu disappears from her memory.

Here's wishing you a fab Father's Day Sweetheart. I just love seeing the bond you share with Z, and I'll not trade it for anything.

  • I love when I the middle of the night Z wakes up, climbs on your tummy n sleeps.
  • I love when Z calls you 'Pa... Ae Pa' in the most affectionate tone ever.
  • I love when you don't click anyone else's picture except Z's with your new camera.
  • I love it when you make Z promise to you, every single night (without fail) that she won't marry when she grows up and she won't go away (enjoy the moment Fizz)
  • I love the way you enjoy preparing Khichdi for Z.
  • I love seeing the both of you talk to each other.
  • I love seeing you get jealous when Z hugs me and doesn't pay notice you.
  • The moment you enter in the evening and your first and the biggest smile is reserved for Z, (this was mine before Z was born)... but I still love it.
  • The way you find out ways to take care of Z is commendable.
  • I love it when u tell me "I can't be strict with her yaar, you need to do that."
There are just so many things and I know this post won't do justice to what Z's Pa mean to her.
Happy Father's Day! Z is blessed to have a dad like you.

You started bonding with Z when she didn't even recognize U
And the bonding continued
Z's ur personal assistant :)
Eid isn't complete without Pa
Enjoying Goa Sun
This would've been your best birthday kiss I swear.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Queen of Tantrums

All I hear and see these days from Z, more than anything else is 'No'. Either she will go on saying 'No-No-No' or moving her head vigorously from side to side saying a big and loud 'NO'. Tots, I tell you, they are definitely the most adorable lot, but they are also very very tough to handle.

I thought I had time till she turns two, but my 18.5 month old telling me 'It's my way or the highway'... is kind of a shocker for me. If you stop this 'Ghunda' from doing anything she will shriek, shout, cry and what not.

Whoever talked about 'Terrible Twos' was lagging behind for sure. Fizz still needs to learn how to handle Z when she throws a tantrum coz he cannot be a little stern. Another problem with Fizz is he gets hyper, he doesn't think how to handle a situation when something is going on (especially during a tantrum, otherwise he's fab).

I have learned a few tricks on dealing with these little  monsters. Here's what I do:
  • When they utter that dreaded word 'No', I cool myself down (which is very important) come to her eye level and explain things in a low tone. Remember if you raise your voice, they will shout back in a louder tone.
  • Most tantrums happen when she's doing exploring something and I say 'No Z'. Off she goes. Now I've understood, she hates when someone else says 'No'. I also understand their curiosity and that they have to explore things (which is good). I avoid saying 'No', and try to distract her. If this doesn't work, she will start throwing a tantrum... All I do is ignore her for a minute or two and believe me, when that time is over, she is a different person all together. This way they realise that they need to learn their limits and screaming or whining won't get them anywhere.
  • Hitting / Spanking won't work, coz they start think hitting is alright and will hit you right back... if you are ready for THAT, go ahead. 
  • When they are asking for your attention, make sure you are available for them that very minute. If you aren't free ask someone else to help or distract the tot. Toddlers don't understand when we tell them 'two minutes beta'.

So that's me... what about you?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Toddling Tuesdays - Family Shopping Spree for Z

Thanks to S from Canvas of my thoughts for suggesting Sapphaire Toys Kormangla, we took Z there for some shopping. She went berserk to say the least. Running around shouting on top of her voice. She played with a 'Chhotu Baby' (as Z calls any baby smaller than her) who was trying a walker. Then she caught hold of toddler slightly older to Z, who'd come with his dad to try a tricycle. She said 'Hi' and the tod was too shy to reply. She touched his nose, hair, eyes and all the tod did was blush. The scene was damn cute.

These are the things we brought:
  • a Doodle. I wanted the Fisher Price one for her, but I'll do that once she turns 2. Right now she manhandles all her toys (except her books).
  • we bought 6 books on colors, sounds, animals, words etc. And she loooooooves em already. Z, Fizz and I especially fancy her 'I love Colors' and 'I love Sounds' books published by Paragon UK.
  • We also bought 2 ball for Z.
  • A battery operated monkey playing drums... Like you must have seen in your childhood or old movies. I didn't want to buy it earlier but seeing Z laugh hysterically, the moment I switched the monkey on, made me buy it.
BTW why does everyone say 'Terrible 2s'? Z already has her sets of tantrums and  has made it clear to Fizz n me that we can't mess with her.

Monday, June 11, 2012

And the School hunt begins

There'll be many posts on this very topic and since this is my first, let me first give a brief on what things I'm looking for in a Pre-school for Z.
  1. Location- I would love if the school is walking distance from our apartment. Now that's an added advantage and not something I'll rule out a school on. Even if I have to take a short auto ride to reach the school, its going to be good for me. When she'll go to big school, I can send her a little far, but not in case of Pre-Schools.
  2. I'm looking for a Montessori school. I totally am in for Montessori, I don't believe that schools which load kids with a lot of 'knowledge' work for us/Z. In a Montessori set up, each child learns at their pace, and per me they'll enjoy the whole experience of learning.
  3. I'm not a huge fan of Franchise based schools which open up in every single nook and corner. For me these schools are nothing but Money Making machines. Similarly brand names don't impress me, the school should appeal to me when I visit it and not it's full page colored advertisements in the newspaper. And more than me, Z should feel free in the environment.
  4. The teachers and management should know what they are doing and should be bloody good at it. I'm extremely particular about language development. I'd want the teachers to communicate properly and they should be good with kids. The school should focus on extra-curricular besides just studies.
  5. The school shouldn't be very fancy. Be it Infrastructure or people. I would be at ease if Z attends a school which is grounded.
  6. A good Student - Teacher ratio for sure is important, especially in Pre-Schools
  7. I remember in my school La Martiniere we didn't carry any books to school all our books were locked in our classroom. We didn't have any exams just assessments (those didn't happen every week either). We did not get any homework. This was followed till standard IV. This resulted in lighter bags and less burden on us and our parents. We were encouraged to participate in Extra-Curricular activity and SUPW. I have grown up as an above average student, but someone who loved participating in Dramatics, Debates, Creative Writing, Dance and the works. I want a similar environment for Z. I don't want Z to miss out on all the fun things one can do in schools.
I don't know if the list is huge (I don't think so.) I know getting admissions is tough (especially in big schools). Still, I wouldn't want to compromise a lot. If it means a lot of hard work and many sleepless nights so be it. After one's house, school is the 2nd most important place for a child and I'd definitely not want to compromise on that.

What's your take?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Thanks SMJ for yet another great episode

Its not a hidden fact that I've been a huge SMJ fan, but today's episode For the Disabled took my appreciation for the show a notch higher.

The spirit shown by the disabled people who appeared on the show, be it K.K, Jogi, Sai, Javed Abidi, was amazing. I could feel awesome about life just by listening to them, and their spirit  towards life made me feel better. Then I saw Nisha Lobo and couldn't help but think what a magical and truly blessed child she is. When her mom narrated the heinous act where a woman spat on Nisha, when she was mere 4.5 years old... The reason just her disease. I couldn't stop my tears, I was so furious on the kind of acts people do... On second thoughts I pity such beings who involve in such in-human acts. I hope that the woman watched today's show and realized what she committed that day was a disgusting crime.

Hearing about Amar Jyoti School and, I trust it's doing an amazing job... I salute its founders. I just hope our education institutes give equal opportunity to disabled students and there are Amar Jyoti Schools in every nook n corner of our country. They have all the right not only on studying in a normal schools. All normal schools/colleges should make sure these institutes becomes disable friendly at the earliest. I completely understand where schools come from, when they don't want disabled children studying with normal kids. Parents definitely pressurize these schools and want their kids to study with so called 'normal' kids only. I really think these parents need a reality check done.

Disabled kids and individuals are no less, they just need a platform (like all of us) to perform. And its our responsibility to give them the platform. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Manners Anyone?

I was about to jot my thoughts down on teaching babies some manners and as I was reading through my reading list I found this amazing post by S. So 'ThankUU' S for your post. 

I have been thinking on when should one start teaching manners to their kids... Now I'm not talking about 'Table manners', 'how to sit like a woman/gentleman' etc. I'm talking about basic 'Thank You', 'Excuse Me', 'Sorry' and 'Please'. 

I have seen many kids lacking these basic manners these days, and I'm talking about kids aged 6-7 years and above.No offense to anyone, but for me these things do count. I guess its the parents who instill these things in kids from a very young age. Small mannerisms and acts do count.

Fizz and I make sure we always say 'Thank You' when we give something to Z or vice versa. When ever it is needed we say Excuse Me, Please and Sorry. Whenever Fizz says sorry to Z, he holds both his ears.... Z is still to say these words but whenever we say Sorry, or Z misbehaves and we say 'Z that's not good, say sorry.' , she makes it a point to hold her ears. 

These small things do matter and our tots are watching us.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The 'Pink' Me

I love when my cheeks, forehead, chin... actually my whole face goes PINK after my workout. I love rushing to the mirror and looking at myself right after my workout (I really don't care if you think I'm self obsessed).

If you need some motivation to workout, just try it and I hope you will feel as magical and as 'top of the world' as I do. So thankfully working out is on track. Will do a fortnightly weigh in and update (hopefully the kilos are dropping).

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Toddling Tuesdays - Z's 1st time in a Kiddie Play Area

WooooooHoooooooooooooo 100th Post

On Sunday, 3rd of June we visited the Forum Value Mall. We spent a lot of time window shopping, by the time we reached the Food Court both Fizz and I were EXHAUSTED... And so was Z, she had become really cranky. 

We were heading to have some dinner, and we saw a Kiddie zone just outside the Food Court. Z didn't understand what the place was all about... but Z and I wanted to take Z inside the moment we saw the place. Z was uncomfortable for a minute or two (because the play area was full of kids who were a little older to Z). Then Z laid her eyes on this area full of colorful balls... and her eyes just popped out. She fell in love with the place.

The result: Fizz and I got all the more tired and just wanted to go and EAT... But Z wasn't in a mood to get out of the play area. Only Fizz knows how he pulled her out and took her to the food court.

Z handing the balls over to Mum

She loved the colors

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Z & Me

Thanks to S for writing a wonderful post, and thanks for making me think. I've always maintained that Z is her Daddy's daughter... Yes she is, but that doesn't mean she's not her 'Mom's Brat'. She is with her mom 24*7 and she loves cuddling her mom and following Ma all the time. She follows me all through the day saying 'MaMaMaMaMaMa', I can't go anywhere without Z... When I do, the moment I enter our house she welcomes me with a WIDE smile.

Z spends most of her time in the evening with Pa... but if Pa is unable to make her sleep or feed her Ma comes to rescue.
The fact that Z is totally like her mum (looks, attitude, behavior everything), so we love spending time together. Fizz ADORES the both us totally, and that's because we are totally like each other.

Anyways, I don't agree with the terms 'Pappa's Girl' or 'Momma's boy'. A child needs both her mum N Dad... and so does Z. So, when Fizz is always there to pamper her like anything... there's me who has to act as the bad cop (when it is required) and discipline Z.