Friday, March 30, 2012

Bhai Behen Ka Pyaar

My Nephew (Zef) is in love with Z. For him his 'Chhota Baby' forms his world. Though we are based in Bangalore and my sister is in Delhi, this doesn't lessen the love both of them share. Zef showers Z with all sorts of hugs, kisses and even shares his cars (his priced possession) with Z. Z on the other hand LOVES the pampering. Both the toddlers have a rocking time together.

The last time Zef-Z met was in December and they had lots of fun together. I was on BBM with my elder sister last night and she narrated an incident that I can't afford give it amiss on my blog.

My younger sister (whose studying in UK) is visiting Delhi these days. Since she stays away from home, she simply adores her nephew/niece. She pampers them like crazy. Zef also loves his 'Nookha' (that's what they call her) most of the time. Off late he has started hitting Nookha (maybe because he's going through a phase). So here's the convo my elder sister (ES) had with Zef:

ES: Nookha is my sister, like Z is yours...

Zef sat down and after thinking for sometime...

ES: If you hit Nookha, Mamma will hit Z
Zef sat down on the floor and started shouting, yelling and howling like crazy

Zef: Nahin Chhoti Baby humari sister hai, usko koi nahin marega. Hum usko cupboard mein chhupa denge... Hum aapko danda marenge 
Zef: I won't hit Nookha, but please, please Z baby ko koi nahin maaro.

Ahhh... that is such a cute relationship.... Isn't it?

My baby cares and it shows!

Z is obviously growing close to her dad. I really can't blame her actually, while she's awake she sees Fizz hardly for 2-3 hours on weekdays. Her 'Pa' gives her Z's morning and evening bath and makes her go to bed at night. She sees me 24*7 and sees me shouting at her along with all the hugs, kisses and appreciation she receives from me. I get to do all the things Z hates, its a task making her change clothes, combing her hair, making her wear shoes, and trying to make her sleep for her mid-day nap. The moment she sees Fizz enter the main door in the evening, she forgets about her mum (the poor soul who has been running after her all day long). I kept on thinking why... Why is she closer to her Pa... and forgets about her 'Ba' in the evening. At times it made me depressed.

Today Z did something 'magical' that told me 'Mumsu ... I care. I love U.' She was playing with her Pa and I was sitting besides her and watching TV. Suddenly she saw something on my shin (there's a dark brown spot, a birthmark on my right shin). Now after observing that for a few seconds, she jumped off from her Pa's lap, sat on the floor. And started patting on the birthmark. Then she started wiping that area with her hand as if she wanted to remove that spot. I just sat there and smiled as I observed her. After a lot of failed attempts, she stood up, climbed on my lap and hugged me tight.

Whoa... I was moved to tears. These small gestures by my little sunshine make all my worries vanish and all my days bright n beautiful. Thank U baby... And Mumsu loves u a lot.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pancakes - Z and Mumsu's favorite

Toddlers love pancakes, and the best part is you can actually make it in a jiffy. You can also experiment with it by adding different fruits. Z and I love it just the way they are with no honey or chocolate syrup :-). I used to buy this pre-made mix available in the market but when I tried making them from scratch they tasted better.

So here is the recipe (hope Z reads it when she grows up and makes them for me one day).

Ingredients you need (to make around 7-8 small pancakes):
  • 1 cup All-Purpose Flour (Maida)
  • a tsp sugar
  • 3 tsps baking powder
  • 3/4 cup milk
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tbsp melted butter (I use Amul Lite)
  • Mix all the dry ingredients together in a bowl.
  • In another bowl, beat the egg, add the milk and the melted butter.
  • Add the contents of both the bowls together, mix well, there should be no traces of flour visible. It's OK if it's a little lumpy.
  • Heat a nonstick pan on medium-high and add oil when the pan is hot.
  • Use a ladle or measuring cup to pour the batter like you do in case of a dosa.Spread the batter on the pan with the  side of the cup or bottom of the ladle. 
  • Make sure you cook on medium heat else you'd end up burning the pancakes. 
  • Flip the pancake when they are dry at the edges and bubbles start to come on the surface
  • Cook for 30 seconds to 1 minute longer on both sides and serve warm. 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Support...

Sweet 16... Really

So Z has turned 16 months now. 16 'months'... Wow. She has become a 'typical toddler' now. (God please give me energy to face the 'Terrible 2s, I still have 8 months to go). So Z has been doing a lot of good and not so good things. The past month has been more of 'developing the achieved skills at a fast pace' rather than 'developing new skills'

Finally she has shifted her focus from item numbers to kid's channels: Z still LOVES music, and she loves to do her jig when she's watching her favorite songs. Her favorite thing on TV though is not a music channel playing Chikni Chameli no more. She loves watching kid's channels (CBeeBies to be precise). She loves Teletubbies and Baby Jake. You should see her when its on, she speaks to the characters and laughs out loud.

Run Baby Run: Z started walking (u guys know) but now she has started running as well. She makes sure Mumsu gets the much needed 'workout' - thanks baby.

Finally a nice pediatrician for Z: I was literally in love with my Pead in Delhi.  When we shifted to Bangalore, I started consulting Dr. Vandana Rao. I was never very impressed with her. Then after a lot of discussion and advice, I chose Dr. Hanumantha Rao. He's good and spends time with Mumsu n Pa... Listening patiently to our queries.

Z becomes more expressive: From blowing generous flying kisses, to coming and hugging Pa/Ba when she wants to, to making our life brighter with her 1000 watt Smile. Z knows how to express with words and actions. She makes sure she tells us what she wants. If she wants water, she will bring her sipper to me. If she wants me to read out a book she'll get the book... And if she wants me to play with her Mickey she brings that to me. If I'm on my laptop and Z is playing, and all of a sudden she decides she wants my attention she closes the laptop.

Where has this fear crept from?: I have been very particular that I don't scare Z with things like 'boogieman' or 'big doggie'. Z has all of a sudden developed this fear of dark. When she gets up in the middle of her sleep she shrieks and cries uncontrollably. In-fact couple of days back she got up at night and shouted, by the time we reached the room... she had got off the bed and was standing near the door. She is also scared of the stupid Big Babol Fili Folly ad... the 'Kaisi insaan ho aap?' ad.

Off goes the bathing chair: Z now doesn't sit on her bathing chair to have a bath... she stands (like a big girl) now and takes a bath and Z loves it.

Toddler Tantrums: She shouts, shrieks, hits, and what not.... you make her do what she doesn't want and you see all her nautanki. You should have seen Z when we went for her monthly check-up, somehow she guessed she will get her shots and she shouted and cried for a good 40-45 minutes. 

I have made a 16 month video blog for Z and am uploading em here.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Z's favorite Rhyme list

I'm so happy Z not only likes item numbers... but has a huge list of rhymes (on YouTube) which she loves.... so here is a list of some of her favorites...


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Alaways a small girl in the eyes of my Mum

I can never get old for my mum (in fact for my entire family) and I love being like that. I have been more of my A.J's girl since I was a baby... I remember A.J used to tell mum 'I'll not send her off after her marriage, I'll get a "ghar-jamai' for F"... With mum things were different, we had our share of arguments, shed tears, confessed things and fought over pity issues. For me, my mum has always been biased towards my elder sister. My mind set did change as I grew, but still I love teasing mum about it. My mum being the 'Jazz Queen' (is what I call her) that she is, gets all dew-eyed and senti whenever I bring up the topic.

After reading my last post, I called mum and she sounded guilty for not being around when I need her the most. I hate myself for being so blunt and saying everything out loud. I know mum would've loved to come if she would've been able to. She still feels I'm a baby and I will always be one in her eyes. Love u lots Ma... U are the best.

I'm still a baby in my mum's eyes

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Letter from a very upset mum

I'm writing this because I'm completely hurt... This is for my family ... So if you aren't family, you are most welcome to read it out (if you want) and laugh at my situation :-)

Dear Family,

I keep on hearing a lot about benefits of extended or joint families specially when you are bringing up a child. The baby gets exposed to lots of people which apparently is good for the kid. Since I have been bought up and am staying in a nuclear family, I'm pretty sure I would not be able to live in a joint family. That doesn't mean I don't like relatives and family members coming of to our place and exploring a new city.

We shifted to Bangalore (from Delhi) when Z was just 4 months old, and I feel sorry for her at times. She deserves all the love, care and attention that every other kid gets in the family. I have traveled a couple of times with Z and it isn't easy specially when you travel alone. Our family is based in North/East India and for them traveling to Bangalore is like traveling to some other planet. These people expect me to take a 4-5 hour long flight with a small baby at the drop of a hat but cannot do that themselves. The only person who visited us in the last 1 year was my mother (that too just for 10 odd days).

So guys I'm pissed off ... really pissed of. I'm not going to travel with Z alone now (if its not for a holiday), I've had it enough.

P.S: If you cannot come over, please don't sympathize with me, I don't need your sympathies...


Friday, March 16, 2012

Thank God for Mother's instinct

This happened day before yesterday and the incident shook me. I want to thank God for Mother's instinct. People have been telling, with toddlers its the case of 'nazar hati durghatna ghati'... but I always believed in letting Z be. Even now I'm a strong believer of that, but I have become more cautious and try to keep an eye on her. 

So what happened was Ma'am Z was sitting in her favorite hideout. Under the dining table and she mustv'e picked something and kept in her mouth. I was in the kitchen, don't know how I felt uncomfortable and I went to check on Z. The moment I saw her I knew she had something in her mouth. I put my finger in her mouth and took an inch long piece of broken glass. Lord it was pathetic, I checked her mouth and Ma'am Z was just fine. So now I have a bigger task at hand of keeping a continuous eye on her besides the household chores.

Thank God for  Mother's instinct ... Love u baby...

Monday, March 12, 2012

Celebrating Myself

The feeling, just the thought of 'celebrating myself' is amazing. I want to do it, and I do take out time to celebrate myself as often as I can. Though this is for a women's day contest, but today it's more the person in me that I want to celebrate; and not just me as a woman (which I'm proud of). Here it goes:

I try to remain happy as much as I can. I do go through mood swings, arguments and torture my husband at times. Having said that, I also believe in smiling as much as I can, become an agony aunt when required and believe in pampering my husband and myself. I love life, for the moments that we live in and these moments make every day special. I don't think a lot and try not to worry about things that aren't in my hand.

An understanding, loving and caring companion is something everyone needs (per me). Thanks to my husband and best friend that I can boost of having someone like him. He respects me for who I'm, loves me to bits and understand me. He helps me alot when it comes to household chores or bringing up Z.

I love being a mother of the most adorable 15 months old little girlie. When I hear people say "Oh! She is adorable, she is just like you". I feel like I'm on top of the world and I start feeling special.

I love my parents for bringing me up the way they have. They taught their daughters the importance of education, career and a life beyond just your family and your house. If I'm labeled as a confident, rooted, strong, feminist it's a big thank-you and hug to them.

I enjoyed being a career women for more than 6 years and after my daughter came into my life I gave it all up. This is an extremely tough thing to do, and I love what I'm doing right now.  

The best thing about me, which I don't want to change about myself is that I love being me. I know I might sound like some self-obsessed moron. I don't say I'm perfect, I do want to change many things about myself... but I love myself for the person I'm. That for me is very important if you want to Celebrate Yourself. I'm proud of who I'm today and I would say all of us should be in love with ourselves.

Why does Mumsu says 'No'

O.K, you know what Z, I hate the word more than you do (swear) and more than that I hate using it again and again when it comes to my darling Z. Fizz thinks I'm a monster not a mother, he'll never understand the fact that I do it for your own good. I love the fact that you are becoming a new human being and dong new things each passing day. My eyes are fixed on you my baby, throughout the day. I only let you be when you are with 'Pa'. There are reasons why I use the word, and I just hope you understand this.

Till the time you are good and safe wherever you are I don't mind at all. Be it, under the dining table, next to the inverter or behind the shoe rack. There are times when Mumsu says 'no' when you get or are about to get yourself into trouble. There are more than a few instances, like:

  • When you put your hand in the plug (I have put plug guard, but at times I forget to cover it)
  • When you try to lick the mosquito repellent bottle or shoes.
  • When out of all the pots in the balcony, you have to touch the one with sharp thorns.
  • When you have to pick up and start tearing the pages of the book, Mumsu is reading.
  • When you touch my mug the moment I pour some hot coffee and try to sit back and relax.

You know what, when you are with Pa, my 'No's' become more frequent. That's because of the fact that he does many things which are not good for you. Like feeding yogurt at around 10ish in the night, even when you have cold.

Z you know I say yes as often as I can, because I don't want you to feel restricted. 'No', on the other hand is equally important for you to realise it's importance. 
So sweetheart, remember, how much your dad feels I'm a devil in disguise (he likes pampering you, that puts a bigger responsibility on my shoulder to discipline you.) Behind all the 'no's' you should 'know', that I love you totally. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The most colorful Rainbow we've seen

Z is like our rainbow. She makes our life colorful and full of smiles (just like a rainbow) with not just one but many moments. Below are just some of those magical moments which make our life bright and colorful.

Z sleeps through the night but once in a week maybe, she keeps us awake till 4-5 in the morning. The moment we go to sleep, Z decides to wake up. We try and keep quiet but after waiting for a few minutes Z goes "Paaaaa"... "Maaaaa", in the most amazing way. Our hearts just melt when we hear these words.

I'm addicted to iced-water... Not tea, not coffee but iced-water. And Z loves Ice, I try to avoid giving her though... But whenever I sit back n relax with a glass of iced-water in my hand, she just climbs on my lap, opens her mouth and brings it close to my mouth. I just can't resist, I have to... have to budge and give in to her demand.

Whenever I'm busy and Z is playing with her toys, she climbs on my lap opens her arms and hugs me tight. That's the best feeling I've felt and Z makes sure she does it at least once everyday.

Mumsu-Z moment

She loves music n dance, when she sees me dance n sing in front of her, she laughs hysterically. She finds it funny... Be it, but at least she likes what she sees.

Z is quite an explorer and loves to go in new nooks and corners of the house. Her new-found hideout is under the dining table... Whenever I go to take her out from her 'den' she smiles and hides her face, as if I'll not be able to see her...

Waiting for Mumsu to find her
Our love for books has been taken up by Z. She loves listening to stories and I make sure I read out loud to her in an animated manner. Now the best part is that when she sits alone, she takes her book, makes noises as she's reading  and copies me (I told you... she is my sweetheart).

Z copying Ginger-The Cat like Mumsu does.
So that's how Z has filled our days with all possible colors in the world. Now Z is constantly pulling my hand and wants Mommy-Z hugs. I can't miss it for the world. Ciao people... Later...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Life without a Full-Time Household help

OK this is a short update because I don't have much time... am working on something related to Z which I will post tomorrow.

OK so I didn't update that my very reliable Household help left because he was unwell and decided to go home for treatment. He has seen me since I was hardly a year old. He has been complaining about stomach ache for ages now and we decided its better he takes a chill-pill in life. That meant more work, more responsibility with the same amount of time. Since I'm a pathetic cook, we have a cook who comes once in the morning and a cleaner. Those people who have seen me in my pre-Z days would say I would be in a MESS... but I'm so sorry to disappoint you guys- I'm doing just fine.

Taking care of Z (now that she is capable of getting in the most dangerous situation) and daily chores is tough. I thought I would be cribbing, but I have managed Z, house work and working out with ease, I kind of like the situation. Thanks to Fizz who does loads of work when he is at home. Once he's home he doesn't let me do any work. Fizz also suggested we keep a house-help for the day, but I'm not very comfortable with that. As I just don't want to keep anyone who I don't trust.

I have to leave Z at times on her own as I just can't keep running after Z all day long. I don't really feel guilty about that because I really don't have an option.